Countries are listed in alphabetical order below


Vanadzor (ARM001)

We are a very happy and peaceful family and we share our house with our lovely guests. We live in the Northern part of Armenia (Lori Region), close to the border of Georgia - famous for its picturesque landscapes and is amazingly rich in historical monuments and other sights. Our house is beautifully situated and has a lot of cozy corners, cool mountain breezes and splendid views of mountains.

We like to talk with our guests about various topics and getting to know their lives and telling them about ours. We make both Armenian and international food and if you like, you may also take part in preparing dinner to learn about cooking traditions. Marine (mother of the house) enjoys treating our guests to the delicious dishes of both European and Armenian cuisine (rich and healthy, prepared in strict accordance to the ancient traditional recipes). Once guests come to our home they never forget about us as we try and take good care of them.

Price: AMD 4-5000/pp

Yerevan (ARM002)

I am Stella - 33 years old woman from Yerevan. I am living alone in the good place in Yerevan. I have comfortable small house, where usually i am inviting friends and guests. I like to cook, how my friends told about me, she is cooking great. What i can offers for my guests. good, quality meal and nice atmosphere, my company, my time, speech about my culture, cuisine, also i can prepare picnics outside in the nature. Costs, depending how many people, vegan or no. Meal just from Armenian cuisine, or  what  we  eating usually.

Price: AMD 5000-10000/pp


Brisbane (AUS001)

Although I’m originally Danish some may think of me that I’m more Aussie than most Aussies. I have really taken to the Australian culture, not so much because I was married to an Australian woman for a while but more because I really enjoy the Australian life style - is there anything better than a Barbie in the shadow of a big mango tree or a footie in the park? A visit at my place will definitely bring you closer to understanding Australian culture and society.

When dining with me will start off by having a cold beer or a glass of tasty Australian wine at my house and then we’ll go to the park or by the river side to have a BBQ.

Price: AUD 25/pp (children half price)


Brisbane (AUS002)

Some may say that we are your typically Australian family, although our children no longer live at home. This may be true - although it’s hard to say what a typically Australian family is like, since we as a diverse people as any other nation. But if you want to get an insight into Australian life and culture in the city (specifically Brisbane), we would very much like to invite you to our home, so that we may share a meal and stories about each other’s lives.

We like to prepare something traditional for our guests so that they may know what Australian cuisine is all about.

Price: AUD 28/pp (children AUD 10) 

Brisbane (AUS003)

We immigrated to Australia from Northern Europe a few years ago because we found that this amazing country would be the perfect place to retire. Here we can really enjoy the great outdoors since the weather is almost always pleasant and the whole lifestyle here is more tuned into being outside than it was back home. We like to invite travelers to our home because we find that they always bring some interesting topics for discussion to the table and we like to tell about how it is to live in Australia.

We like to prepare a mix of dishes from Australia and from back home.

Price: AUD 27/pp (children AUD 12)

Southern Highlands, New South Wales (AUS004)

Hi I am Kate and my husband is John. I am a Tour Guide in the Southern Highlands on New South Wales: my husband is a pilot  we would love to spend time with you over a pot of tea or something stronger. We live on a farm of 100 acres have horses, dogs, chooks and ducks. There are kangaroos and wombats in plentiful numbers in the wild. We are 1 ½ hours from Sydney and 1 ½ hours from Canberra and 1 hour from the South Coast.

You will have Aussie Tucker Bar-B-Q  or what we normally eat which is  good food. When it’s cold here “downunder” then Hearty Stews and Crusty Bread with Red wine with wine in front of an open fire! We love food from all over the world… so if you would like to shop for ingredients with us (at our cost) - it will be so much fun! We will learn from another cooking with friends is a delightful way to build a friendship……………..Happy days!

Price: AUD 30/pp

Clare Valley, South Australia (AUS005)

My house is situated in the wine growing region of Clare Valley, South Australia. My house is a cosy ‘Australian colonial’ stone cottage built in the late 1920’s. There is 44 acres for guests to explore including a 10 acre vineyard and 20 acres of natural bush reserve.

I delight in cooking simple homemade food, accompanied by excellent wines and interesting conversation. I love the Italian approach to food – fresh ingredients, simple preparation and sensational to eat!

Guests have a choice of: enjoying stunning views while eating a delicious homemade picnic; eating inside at the kitchen table or alfresco experiencing home-made pizza or a barbeque. Evening meals includes pre-dinner snacks, main meal, dessert and non-alcoholic drinks.. Guest are welcome to participate.

If guests need accommodation I also run a traditional ‘hosted’ bed and breakfast.

I love meeting people and making their experience memorable.

Price: AUD 25/pp (Picnic baskets: AUD20 per person includes food and non-alcoholic drinks)

Broome, Western Australia (AUS006)

I have recently moved to Broome from Perth. I love cooking and meeting people and would welcome singles or couples looking to share a seasonal menu based around lovely tropical foods.

I am happy to cook most cuisines and if you would like to participate in the preparation and cooking that would be great . I can offer a cooking class style or just cook for you.

I have been a member of slow food and owned my own organic food store so love all foodie chat.

Price: AUD 25/pp

The foothills of the Daintree world heritage area (AUS007)

Hi, My name is Caroline and I live in Far North Tropical Queensland in a property nestled in the foothills of the Daintree world heritage area between Port Douglas and Cape Tribulation.

I have a 11/2 acre tropical garden where I grow many herbs, spices and tropical fruit trees which I include in my cooking.  I can take you to the local market on Saturday morning or a local farm to collect items I haven't got.

I am an ex professional chef with over 30 years experience and am still passionate about cooking for people and passing on skills.

Price: AUD 25/pp


Schloss Rosenau, 2 hours North of Vienna (AUR001)

We are an Austria couple who has lived in Africa and Asia for half of our lives before we withdrew to our little farm in the Woodquarters of Austria, a comfortable and beautiful two hours drive Northwest of Vienna. My husband Georg retired from his job in the pharmaceutical industry having worked in China for more than ten years - he now enjoys managing the woods belonging to our farm and cooking for our guests. I have worked in tourism all my life, now writing travel stories focused on sustainable tourism for various print- and online magazines. Apart from many stories I also tend to bring culinary delights from my trips, so we have tasted and experimented with quite a variety of ingredients from Jamaican Jerk to Gambian Baobab Juice.


Georg is a fantastic cook and we have been giving cooking classes in Asian cooking for some years now. However, he is not stuck to the Asia taste buds, but also a specialist in Italian and Austrian cooking. Most of the ingredients used - except the Asian ones - come from our region, if not from our huge vegetable and fruit garden. Young friends of ours own a winery about one hour from our house and we pride ourselves in serving very honest beautiful Austrian wines. The beer comes from the brewery in the town nearby, juices and jams are homemade, as are the deserts and cakes (my speciality).


As long as the sun shines meals will be served on our terrace, while starters and drinks are best sitting next to our carp pond adjacent to the garden or in our little lake pavilion. When the sunshine turns fluid or winter sets in our lovely kitchen is the best place to sit forever and be spoilt. By the way, amongst the two of us we can communicate in six languages including German, English, Mandarin Chinese, French, Italian and Czech.

A full meal includes a cocktail, 2 glasses of wine and a digestive.

Price: EUR 60/pp

Vienna (AUR002)

We are an Austrian-Spanish couple (30-35 years old), met traveling in India. We love cooking, traveling and meeting new people from all over the world.

Gilbert's specialty is Asian Food and mine (Llum) Mediterranean cuisine. We are not professional chefs but we put a lot of love in our creations :) and we can prepare whatever you like except of meat since we are vegetarians.

In our lovely flat we love a good dinner or lunch together with nice people sharing experiences and laughs :) I guess we can also provide some tips about the hidden places in this beautiful city.

Here we are waiting everyone with open arms!

Price: Free (we `d be happy if you bring a drink or dessert. Max 4 people)


Narayanganj (BAN001)

I live in Narayanganj which is just South of Dhaka City Centre. I am a very fun loving guy. Loves to party, loves to make new friends, love pets. I am a “foodaholic”.

First I’d like to welcome you all. Any guest will receive a very warm welcome from me. Not only will I give you my full attention but I will take you around to various places if you are interested. We will roam around and it will be great fun.

Food can be Indian food, continental, Bangladeshi or Thai. And about the price of the food, it could be high end or it cheap, it’s not an issue.

Price: BDT 1000 – 3000/pp


Leuven (BEL001)

I live in a lovely Flemish pintoresque student town 20 mins by train from Brussels. Having lived for 8 years in this country has made me love it (and its cuisine as well!). I'm a Marketing Analyst by profession, but by heart I am a lover of history and learning about other countries.

The highlights:

-Guests can ask to be involved in the cooking stage.

-Can cook from 1-5 people at my place, or -weather allowing- we can cook at home and then head towards a lovely little park close to my house.    If the guests have bikes or a car, we can even go for a picnic at the lovely Kasteel Van Arenberg (2 kms from my home).

I can cook the following with an alternative approach (without meat):

-Belgian food, together with tasty beers (even some fruity ones for those wanting something sweet).

-Mexican food (with horchata water).

-Indian food (with mango lassi).

Price: EUR 13/pp (EUR 7/child)


Hopkins Village, Stann Creek District (BLZ001)

Palmento Grove is a small family lodge that offers visitors an opportunity to interact with us and learn about the Garifuna People & Culture.  Immersing in the impressive masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity as declared by UNESCO it promises to be a memorable experience.

Our guest gets the opportunity to engage in the harvesting of food items from the surroundings, e.g. harvesting of coconuts, husking and grating of coconuts, peeling of plantains and bananas and cooking of meals.  Guest are served the meal prepared for them to delight themselves in company of the host or/and other guest.

Our home is also open to visitors as an Eco-Cultural Hostel. Staying with us offers an opportunity learn even more about the Garifuna People & Culture.

Price: USD 25-40/pp (depending on number of guests)



La Paz (BOL001)

I love my country and I’m proud to be Boliviano. We have so many natural and cultural riches here and anywhere you visit you will be taken back by the beauty and the friendliness of the people here. I like to meet travelers who come to visit my country and I like to give them some ideas as to where they could visit to see some of the most beautiful places my country has to offer. La Paz is our capital city and also here you’ll find cultural riches and impressions from a whole country gathered in one plaze.

I’ll cook you up a real Andean meal.

Price: BOB 110/pp

La Paz (BOL002)

Bolivia is such a divers place and if you visit you should try to see more that just La Paz and the most popular tourist spots. I can help you to get an idea of what to see while visiting Bolivia. I will also give you an insight to my own life and memories of growing up in Bolivia. I like to meet the people who visit my country because I think there is so much you can’t learn from guidebook or by talking to tourist guides, and I think that it’s important the visitors to my country leave with a real impression of who we Bolivianos are. I also very much enjoy the conversation between people from different parts of the globe.

At my place you’ll get a true Bolivian dinner with everything that goes with it.

Price: BOB 110/pp (Children BOB 55)

La Paz (BOL003)

We live in La Paz although we travel a lot throughout our country, which is very different from one place to another. We love the differences that we meet within the borders of our own country but also the differences between people from different countries or continents. We really enjoy the discussions that emerge at the dinner table between people from different cultures and with completely different viewpoints. We think that people from different parts of the world can really learn a lot from each other especially about our common Earth and the people who inhabit it.

The meals we prepare are mostly traditional, but we can also prepare international dishes.

Price: BOB 110/pp (children half price)


Thimphu (BHU001)

Hello Friends, My name is Ngawang Dorji. I am also a tour guide in Bhutan. I love to make new friends. HomeHostedMeals is an excellent platform for me to make new friends over a meal and share our insights. Over a years, I have made many new friends from different cultural background and shared my meals and they loved it. Likewise, I would be happy to welcome you at my home.

I will prepare Bhutanese traditional meal. Meal includes: Rice, Paa (Pan Fried Pork or Beef), Ama Datse (Chilli & Cheese) and Tseom (Stew) and Suja (Bhutanese Butter Tea) and also Bhutanese Ara (Wine).

Price: USD 25/pp

Samtse District, South West of Bhutan (BHU002)

We are friendly couple who live live in South West of Bhutan. We live in Samtse District where tourist rarely visit. In my place there are no hotels as this place is recently connected with road and electricity but have lots of beautiful place to go around.

I am a civil servant working as Adm Asst in Government school and my wife runs small grocery shop. We are interested in hosting simple lunch or dinner with guest as we love meeting new people. We can serve simple Bhutanese dishes along with locally brewed wines. My wife is not a vegetarian but I am and we can prepare both vegetarian and food with meat.

Price: USD 5/pp

Tshamdra, near Paro (BHU003)

My name is Sangay Thinley from Bhutan, the landlord country between two giants i.e. China and India, where some traveller mentioned as the last Shangri la. My home is located in the cozy and peaceful village called Tshamdra, in the district of Chukha. It is 1 and half hour drive from Paro International Airport but again we have to walk for 30 minutes as the road connectivity is only to half way. As a guest in my homeyou can experience the Bhutanese rural life. You can expect to eat the Bhutanese dish like Ema-datshi (Cheesy Chilly), Shakam (Drye beef), Sikkam (dry pork), Minced sag as the soup, with Suja (Butter tea), and minced beef with fins.

Our family is very small which consist of my mother, elder sister and myself. From my village, you can do many things like hiking, visiting local monastery and meditation center.

Bhutan has the exotic and rich culture intact inspire by the vision of Gross National Happiness. I can also help you arrange visits to monasteries and other sights and you are welcome to stay the night.

Price: USD 15/pp


Phnom Penh (CAM001)

I’m not Cambodian but I’ve lived here for a while now and I have a good insight into Cambodian life and culture, which I’ll gladly share with any visitor to this amazing country. I find that most visitors come to Cambodia with a very fragmented and limited knowledge of the many different peoples and cultures that make up Cambodian society. This was also the case for me, but today I understand much better the components of this mesmerizing society and I’m looking forward to help you decipher Phnom Penh’s street life.

I will take you to some of my favorite local places as well as introduce you to some of the basic principles of real Cambodian food.

Price: KHR 55000/pp

Bonteay Srei Village, Siem Reap Provinc (CAM002)

We Live in an old Khemer house in Bonteay Srei Village around 30km from Siem Reap. You can take a Tuk Tuk to visit us. We teach you about Cambodian food and learn how to cook it. You can join us for lunch at our house and you can even stay the night if you want.

If you like we can visit  Bonteay Srei temple, the Countryside or a primary school together.

We can enjoy Kor Kor Soup, Fried ginger with pork or chicken or Chicken curry.


Price: USD 13/pp (including 1 nights stay if you like)

Siem Reap (CAM003)

We are a small family living near the world famous Angkor temple complex. We can offer genuine Cambodian food by a native Cambodian cook – my wife Channa – and a nice, homely atmosphere complete with three children, two dogs, a cat, and lush natural settings all around, in a traditional Khmer style architecture house designed and built by myself here in the Angkor Archaeological Park halfway between Siem Reap town and Angkor Wat.

The meal could include a starter (usually soup), main course, and dessert (usually fresh fruit), and drink (water or freshly made lime juice).


Price: USD 7-8/pp

Siem Reap (CAM004)

My name is Garry have fallen in love with the people and the culture of Cambodia. My wife is Cambodian and we have a homestay which we have just started. My wife Dina is an amazing cook. Sitting down with her family and friends enjoying and sharing a meal is possibly the main focus of their culture.

We like to prepare a large feast and Cambodia celebration. We have a large kitchen and the garden is recently planted with vegetables and has an amazing fruit tree garden as well.

The small fee that we charge for home cooked meals goes towards us being able to survive here as well look after Dina's family. Also it affords me the opportunity to run a music and arts program at a school and a local community centre.

I have worked as a volunteer here 6 times over the last 4 years, setting up music programs and working therapeutically with the children and host organizations. We have a strong knowledge and interest in advising people about all the attractions and cultural activity here behind the tourist fascade.

Price: USD 3-9/pp (USD 3 per course)

Siem Reap (CAM005)

My family warmly welcomes you to share an authentic and healthy Cambodian meal with us at Siem Reap, a short distance from the famous Angkor Wat. 

My wife is an accomplished cook and food blogger (asianfoodguide.wordpress.com) and her repertoire covers a wide range of traditional and modern Khmer dishes - all prepared with high quality ingredients in a clean and healthy manner. We are strictly a no-MSG family.


We live in the middle of Siem Reap city in a comfortable home and we are most happy to share our table, experiences and knowledge with you in the spirit of cultural exchange. We can cater to your preferences with regards to flavor, spiciness, allergies. You will share the meal with our family of 4 (Our two girls are aged 6 and 8).

On weekends we usually do something special  - we cook and have a picnic right in front of the Angkor Wat. Guaranteed to be something spectacular which almost no tourist can get to experience.

We are also most happy to share recipes and cooking tips if you want to learn how to cook any Cambodian dish. In fact, we are most pleased if you prefer a full culinary experience which includes going to the local market, learning about Cambodian herbs and ingredients, cooking and finally eating together.

As we are not doing this as a business but as a means to make friends from all over the world and to share in the delights of Cambodian food, we will share the cost of the ingredients. Any extra money is donated to the Kantha Bopha Children's Hospital, which is doing really fantastic work saving thousands of children every year.

Price: USD 3-10


Buea (CAO001)

Hello, my name is Nkongho Mbeng, I am a Cameroonian of age 29. I am a teacher by profession. My family is made up of five people. Two kids age 2.5 and 4.5years; two sisters aged 14 and 22.

I live in in the South West Region where you have the mount Cameroon.

I love to cook, host guests and to travel.

The meals I wish to share are my traditional meals. They are called Waterfufu and Eru or Ekpang. The first one is made up of Waterfufu made from cassava, vegetables, beef, dried fish, crayfish and Palmoil.

The second Ekpang is made from Cocoyams Tubers, Cocoyam leaves, Palmoil, Dried fish. We use salt Maggicubes and pepper(chili) in both meals.

I wait to hear from you soon and to welcome guest to my home.

Price: CFA Franc 15000/pp


Edmonton, Alberta (CAN001)

Hello, My name is Jennifer. My husband Adam and I are in our early 40's. We have 3 kids and live outside of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I have travelled quite a lot and grew up in Central and West Africa. My High School had over 40 different nationalities.

We are experimental cooks and will try anything. If you are here in the summer, we eat from our garden. Including berries and fruit trees ( if in season).

We would love to meet you.

Price: CAD 8/pp

Ottawa, Ontario (CAN002)

My name is Mina. I live with my husband in Ottawa. We are a very hospitable Canadian/Persian couple. I love cooking , baking and entertaining guests at home. My speciality dishes are Persian, Italian and Vegetarian but  my menu is as varied as the flavours in my food. My passion and strength is creating unique and successful event experiences for my guests. In my vision, I believe that flexibility and customization play a key role in my ability to integrate my service into the culture of each function. In summer time we offer BBQ picnics so our guests could get the real gesture of Canadian living.

Price: CAD 25-35/pp (three courses)


Beijing, Gongti West Gate (CHI001)

We are a Chinese/UK couple and we have both travelled extensively. We’d be happy to invite visitors for some local flavours. Most likely you would not get a typical Chinese cuisine as you imagine, as the home cooking in China is quite different from what people know from restaurants abroad. We have an Ayi (housekeeper) that cooks meals for us twice a week, and this is when we invite visitors to join.


A lunch meals would usually include some chicken, beef, seafood and vegetable and rice. We do not eat pork. Sometimes we have a glass of wine with it, sometimes, beers, often no alcohol. It varies. We expect people to be respectful and considerate in their requests/behavior and we endeavor to be the same.

Price: CNY 50/pp (maximum two people)

Changchun, Jilin Province, Northeast China (CHI002)

I am a German in my mid-thirties living in China for more than 10 years, I love cooking. I Can cook Chinese food as well as "western food", love baking, making most things from scratch with local ingredients. I am cooking vegetarian, and love making either cakes or other kinds of deserts.

I can cook western food for Chinese people or Chinese food for western people. Or any way around.

Price: RMB 30-50/pp


Cali (COL001)

We live with our two sons in Cali, the third largest city in Colombia. The city was founded in 1536 and the buildings in some areas are very old and beautiful. We are very proud of our city and our country and we hope that more people will come to Colombia to see our beautiful landscapes and rich cultural heritage. We like telling people from other countries about our own backgrounds here in Colombia and we like hearing stories about lives in other countries. We also like discussing international affairs and the present situation in Colombia which is always something that people are interested in hearing.

We’ll prepare a traditional Colombian meal and share it around the table just like when we sit down to enjoy a meal with our family.

Price: COP 30500/pp (children half price) 

Bogota (COL002)

I’ve lived and worked in Latin America for many years. I work as a journalist and I write articles to European media on Latin American affairs. I always like to discuss the situation in Colombia and the rest of Latin America with visitors who come here for the first time, and it seems that most leave with a different impression of the country than the one they came with – a much better one. I like to share my love for Colombia and Latin American Culture with others who are also interested in this part of the world and I find that inviting people for a quiet dinner or lunch at my place in Bogota is the perfect setting to share our common interest.

I like to prepare Colombian food but I leave it up to the guests if they have any special requests.

Price: 30000/pp

Costa Rica

San Jose (COS001)

I’ve lived in Costa Rica for more than 10 years. I came down from the US on a holiday and more or less decided to stay right there and then. Now I have set up a business here and I have no plans of ever going back to the US. Costa Rica for me is an ideal place live – the natural beauty is amazing and even more amazing is the easy access, since the country is so small everything so close by. The people here are so friendly and openhearted and Costa Rican culture so interesting and fascinating. I love presenting Costa Rica to people who have just arrived and I will tell about all its’ little secrets spots.

I will give you a tour of the Costa Rican cuisine and you will have a chance to try some of the most common local dishes.

Price: CRC 7000/pp (children half price)

La Altura, San Isidrio, Peñas Blancas (COS002)

Hello, my name is Susana, and my husband Mauricio, we live in a beautiful countryside little town named La Altura, San Isidro de Peñas Blancas, located 25 km south from La Fortuna area (driving time 25 minutes to major attractions in Arenal Volcano, such as hot springs, and any kind of tour you might be interested on. Also the magnificent Rio Peñas Blancas passes close by. We will love to welcome you to our home!! We love to spend time with friends and meet new people every day, as well as our enthusiasm to give a little from our beautiful country and from our hearths to our visitors. We love to cook together and invite friends over as much as we can. Life is all about the great memories you take with you in this journey of amazing life!

We have been working on the tourism industry for many years. Right now, Mauricio, (we call him Mau), works as a rafting guide. I, on the other hand stay at home, doing some marketing for some companies, eventually. We have been together for 9 years. I love to plant our gardens and be around our property. We are simple costaricans that live in harmony with nature, and so very proud of our country and our culture, and we would love to become your host and have you as our guest on our humble but loving house And for you to take a piece of our authentic and real way of living with you!

We have a cozy house with two cottages surrounded by trees, birds, iguanas and many little animals that live in our little mountain.

Price: -


Zagreb (CRO001)

I am a 53 yr. old woman. I live in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, 20 minutes tram ride from the main square. Currently I live alone, my son just moved out with his girlfriend. My flat is very small but welcoming visitors, friends, and relatives as they come :-) I work as a secretary in a telecom company. My hobbies are a good music, good book and good food and company. I like travelling, history, I am open minded and interested in knowing more and/or better.

I can prepare excellent meals - all kinds of traditional food. I don’t like those fancy meals where you have to search for the food on the plate :-) My origin is Slavonija, the Eastern part of Croatia where plains are spreading for miles and people there grow crops and domestic animals for food (pork and chicken). So, I’ve learned from my mum and granny how to cook home grown food and bake cakes. Also I like fish so I prepare it often. Vegetables are also often on my plate, prepared as stews or grilled, or fried in pan or wok. Guests can expect a variety of dishes, I can even meet some of their requests (if those are not vegetarian or vegan, I don’t do that stuff).

Price: EUR 15-20/pp (max two people)

Zagreb (CRO002)

In a simple but charming family environment of our flat situated in a green neighborhood not far of the main way leading from the Zagreb airport to the City, we love very much to have guests as well as to prepare food. While taking their meals and refreshment, our guest can take the opportunity to chat on vast range of topics, from popular ones to those quite specific, with two girls (primary school and high school) and one teen age boy and their adult mum, but not all at once! We love to travel abroad and we appreciate all kind of cultural variety exchange. We all speak English rather well, and some of us speak (and ∕or some of us learn) German and French.

We offer to our guest a possibility to prepare the dish together with us, even to go to the nearby marketplace to chose and bye ingredients. The food and drinks we prepare is healthy and mostly vegetarian, made of fresh and integral ingredients (for example vegetables, white cheese, corn flower seeds, with spices, herbs…), based on national-traditional (more continental or more mediterranean) to international dishes: soups, salads, main dishes, deserts.

We can offer a complete meal or just a brunch (for example a scone with olive oli⁄garlic∕cream cheese, various kind of spreads) or, for example, very tasty cookies (with almonds, with honey, with fresh natural ginger or home made jam from lovely decorated pots).

Price: EUR 4-12/pp (breakfast, brunch or 3-dish lunch)


Havana (CUB001)

We are a typical Cuban family living in Havana close to the University. We like to invite tourists to our home and learn about their lives as well as tell them about our lives. We will give you a true and authentic insight into Cuban family life and tell you about how it is to live in Cuba.

We will prepare a typical Cuban lunch or dinner, which we will enjoy together.

Price: CUC 12/pp (children half price)

Trinidad (CUB002)

A very warm and friendly family running a casa particular will be delighted to host you for an authentic Cuban dinner prepared by the lady of the house from the freshest natural ingredients.  We also serve freshly squeezed fruit juices and cocktails.  Please indicate your gastronomic preferences and we will look after you as if you were our family.  We can also prepare packed lunches if you plan to go on a horse back tour to the magnificent waterfall in the local national park and advise you of other places of interest - there is so much to do in Trinidad and environs! 

Price: CUC 5-12/pp (Children under 12 pay half price and under 2 eat free).


Copenhagen, Vanløse (DEN001)

We are a family of four. We like to invite travelers to our home because we travel a lot ourselves and always enjoy visiting local people on our travels. We think that meeting people in their own homes is the best way to get an understanding of society and culture in those areas where we travel – this type of experience is what we’d like to give to those who travel in Denmark.

We like to prepare traditional Danish food to our guests (dinner or lunch) or even take them on a picnic if weather permits it. We also enjoy preparing the meal together with our guests.

Price: DKK 185/person (children half price) 

Copenhagen, Nørrebro (DEN002)

We are a couple in our forties and we have two children. We enjoy the company of travelers because we travel a lot ourselves and like to get to know people from all over the world. We like getting an insight to the lives of people from all parts of the world and to get into conversations about life, culture and sports.

We like to prepare the type of food that our guests prefer, and we can cook traditional Danish food as well as dishes from all over the world. The most important for us is the conversation.

Price: DKK 250/person

Hillerød (30 min by train from Copenhagen (DEN003)

We are a family of four. We live very close to the castle of Frederiksborg, one the most beautiful castles in Denmark. We enjoy the company of travelers who want to get to know Danish culture and society. We travel a lot ourselves and always enjoy getting to know people from all over the world.

We like to prepare all types of food although in the summer time we like to take people outside in our garden and have a barbeque.

Price: DKK 190/person (children free)

Roskilde, close to the famous cathedral of Roskilde (DEN004)

We are a couple in our late 30s living in Roskilde with our two small children. We used to live abroad and we like to travel. We enjoy meeting people from other cultures and discuss current global issues. We find that inviting people from other countries not only contribute to our understanding of the world but also helps broaden our childrens’ perspective on thing.

We like to prepare lunch in our garden or a BBQ in the summer time for our guests. We happily pick up our guests from the Roskilde station and we live close to the famous Roskilde Cathedral and the Viking Ship Museum – both serve as a good introductions to the Danish Middle Ages.

Price: DKK250/person (children DKK100)

Copenhagen, Frederiksberg (DEN005)

I’m a guy, 36, sharing an apartment with a friend. I own a chain of restaurants that specialize in organic food which is also what I serve for the guests in my home. I enjoy the company of people from all over the world because I think that sharing our thoughts with each other although we come from different places, benefits not only ourselves but also the planet that we inhabit.

Organic food, mostly vegetarian.

Price: DKK 150/person

Copenhagen, Østerbro (DEN006)

I’m a woman in my sixties living by myself in the Easter part of Copenhagen in a small and cozy apartment. My interests include interior design, spirituality and international affairs, which I enjoy discussing with my friends and family.

I like spicing up the traditional Danish dishes and I am especially inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine and Thai Food. I often invite friends to join us, when I have guests visiting from abroad.

Price: DKK250/person

Sorø (DEN007)

We are a Danish/Italian couple in our forties living in Sorø with our two children. We use to live in Central- and South America and therefore speak Spanish as well as Danish, Italian and English. We enjoy discussions on current international affairs, modern and traditional culture and films.

Dining with us you're likely to have a fusion-dish involving locally produced organic vegetables, as we're part of a local member-driven food co-operative. Italian inspired dishes based on Danish seasonal produce are our absolute specialty. Both meat-eaters and vegetarians are welcome.

Price: DKK 195/person

Copenhagen, Nørrebro (DEN008)

I’m a woman in my forties living in Copenhagen. I work for the UN and I’m not in Denmark very often, but if I am I like guests from all over the world. I like travelling in South America, especially Peru, which I visit a couple of times a year. I speak Spanish besides English and I like practicing when I have visitors from Spanish speaking countries.

I prepare mostly international food but if my guests prefer traditional Danish it’s no problem. In the summer time I like to prepare picnics.

Price: DKK 190/person 

Copenhagen, Island of Amager (DEN009)

We like to invite travelers to our home because we enjoy the company of people from other cultures. We are convinced that we can all learn from each other and that we all have something to teach others – especially people from different places of the world. We are a Danish/Ugandan couple and we have a small daughter.

We like to prepare food from all kind of different places on earth, but if our guests prefer to try traditional Danish food, we can make that as well. We live close to the best beach in Copenhagen and a visit at our house can easily be combines with a visit to the beach.

Price: DKK 190/person (children half price)

Roskilde, close to the famous cathedral of Roskilde (DEN010)

We enjoy the company of people from other countries because we like to travel and to see the world. We find that by talking to people who actually live in those places that we visit we learn the most about those places. We want to offer travelers who come to Denmark that same opportunity, so that they have a chance to learn about the real Denmark and the Danes.

We prepare any kind of food that our guests would like and if they would like a tour of Roskilde and the cathedral, we can arrange this as well. We have a very cosy traditional Danish summer house (kolonihave) only  5 minutes from where we live and we like to take our guests thier to show them this very special Danish tradition.

Price: DKK 210/pp

Sorø, Close to the old town and academy of Sorø (DEN011)

We are a family of three that live in a town in the Central part of Zeeland. We enjoy discussing culture, politics, and current international issues and we find that discussing this with people from other countries and cultures sometimes broadens our perspectives and perceptions.   

Sorø is home to one of the oldest and most prestigious educational institutions in Denmark and from the lake side a short walk through a small forest you’ll find a beautiful view of the academy. We like having guest for lunch and we usually prepare the traditional Danish smørrebrød (dark bread with traditional Dansih cold cuts).

Price: DKK 180/pp

Esbjerg, Grimstrup - Danish Country Side (DEN012)

We are a Danish/Honduran couple living in Esbjerg with our two children. We are both very interested in meeting and speaking with tourists coming to Denmark and we enjoy very much being tourists ourselves. We have a yearly trip to Central America but we also like to travel to European countries. We like to talk about politics and international affairs.

We like to prepare traditional Danish or Honduran food and serve this to our guests in our garden during the summer time. If our guests are interested in visiting the small island of the coast of Esbjerg, which has a very nice traditional village, we are happy to help to arrange this. We speak English, Spanish and German.

Price: DKK 180/pp (Children are half price)

Esbjerg, ferry entry point from England (DEN013)

We are a family of four and we live in Esbjerg. We are very interested in international affairs and we have lived abroad for many years. We enjoy discussing politics and culture with people from other countries and like being challenged on our view points and opinions. We speak English and Spanish as do our children.

We can prepare any kind of food for our guests, also traditional Danish.

Price: DKK 100/pp (Children DKK 50)

Copenhagen, centrally located (DEN014)

I have always enjoyed speaking with people from all over the world, and some of my best travel experiences have been in the private homes of the people I meet. The insight you get into local culture when visiting people in their homes is unique and not something you get from reading guidebooks. This is why I like to invite foreign visitors to my home when they visit Denmark - because I want to give them a real idea of what Denmark and the Danes are all about. 

I will prepare a traditional Danish meal and if it’s summer we’ll go to one of Copenhagen most beautiful parks to enjoy it together with all the other Danes there.

Price: DKK 175/pp (children DKK 80)

Kokkedal, Island of Zealand (DEN015)

We are a couple in our mid-thirties living in the North Zealand countryside with our little boy Max and a red maine coon cat named Bisse. Kokkedal town is 5 km from our house, and there is a direct train to here from Copenhagen which takes about 25 min. We live only 7 km from both lake Esrum and the east coast so if you fancy a refreshing swin before or after you meal come visit us. The area also offers beautiful scenery and great hikes due to the hilly countryside and many beech forests.

My boyfriend and I have both travelled and lived abroad, and have always loved meeting people from different cultures. Where ever we have been in the world, we have met friendly and helpful people who took an interest in us, and we would love to show our gratitude by inviting you into our home.

We both enjoy cooking and love to try out new dishes. We like spicy food and dishes that include a variation of vegetables. We also enjoy making bread and cakes, so it's likely there will be a dessert includes in your meal. You should be very welcome to make a wish for a certain dish if you like, and we will try to accommodate that wish. Perhaps there is some Danish speciality you would like to try? If the price permits it and we can find the ingredients then we will make it for you!


Price: DKK 150-200/pp


Quito (ECU001)

Hello friends , I'm Jorge Pabon , a member of a very warm and hospitable family , our house is in the village of Pifo, only 10 minutes from New Mariscal Sucre International Airport (Quito) 2,620m. Temperature 15°C.

We would like to offer our guests dinner of cream of mushroom with garlic bread, steak in pepper sauce accompanied by vegetables and potatoes with cheese and a glass of red wine. If you like, we can also accommodate you in a family room just let us know if you are interested in spending the night.

Price: USD 15/pp


Cairo (EGY001)

Hi, I am a Tour Guide. My wife is a good food specialist we would love to spend time with you having traditional Egyptian and Arabic meals. We live in Cairo. We will be happy to share insights, culture, ancient Egyptian history, traditions. We don't offer any alcoholic drinks as we are Muslim family.

We can pick you up from any place in Cairo and take you to back for small additional fee.

We would love to meet you.

Price: USD 20/pp (children up to 7y free)

El Salvador

San Salvador (ELS001)

I live in San Salvador, the Capital and largest city of El Salvador. I like to tell visitors about my country and the Salvadorian society because I think that El Salvador is very special and unique – it’s beautiful and diverse, and full of caring and open hearted people. I like to give visitors an insight to how we Salvadorians live our lives and I like learning about how lives are being lives in other countries. I think we can learn a lot from each other, we just have to get to know each other.

I like to prepare something typical Salvadorian because food to us is important on social gatherings.

Price: USD 15/pp

Suchitoto (ELS002)

I live in one of the most beautiful towns in all of El Salvador. We see some tourists here but not many. I’ve lived here in the hill country all of my life and during the civil war this was where I fought as a Guerilla. Historically my country has seen some hard times but now I feel that everything is getting better every day. I like the changes my country is going through and I like to discuss these changes with visitors. I also like to learn about how people live in other countries because I think we are all part of the same global society.

At my house you receive a true traditional Salvadorian meal and we’ll sit around the family table and enjoy it together like I always do with my family.

Price: USD 15/pp (children USD 7)

Playa San Diego, La Libertad (ELS003)

I am a Canadian expat who travelled the world for a couple years after selling my school bus business. As I enjoy meeting other travellers, I opened a small bed & breakfast (Rancho Las Brisas) in my home to host them.

You will be sharing a typical local meal cooked by my Salvadorña wife, served in our home a short walk from the beach, with our family which includes my elementary school age stepdaughter and possibly a visiting family member.

Should you wish to experience more of the local culture, it is possible to participate in the shopping at the local market and preparation of the meal.

Price: USD 15.00, children under 12, 1/2 price


London (ENG001)

I’m a Danish/Syrian man living in London. I came to London to 10 years ago to work in the film industry and I love living in Europe’s biggest city and show people around my favorite hang outs. I like inviting travelers to my home and I enjoy the conversation between people who are travelling. Even though I have lived in London for so long I sometimes still feel like a visitor, which makes meetings with other visitors so interesting.

I’m not the best cook in town, but I’m pretty good at the international favorites such as spaghettis, Lasagna, steaks, homemade pizzas and such.

Price: GBP 18/pp   

Altarnun, Cornwall (ENG002)

I’m a woman in my thirties and wouldn’t say that I live the most traditional life. I used to live in south East Asia for a few years where I worked as a Marine Biologist. I live a very active life and I enjoy climbing, mountain biking and diving so if you’re into this I’m ready with local advise if you plan to do any of the activities above while visiting England.

Do to the many years I lived in Malaysia, I like to prepare Asien meals, which I’m pretty good at, but if my guests prefer traditional British, I can do that as well.

Price: GBP 18/pp

Bristol (ENG003)

Me and my housemates are offering Organic locally produced meals, Typically modern British in style but could make other styles if preferred!

The meal includes 2 courses and drinks, possible nibbles too.

Price: GBP 15/pp

Manchester (ENG004)

I’m John I live in Manchester, UK.  I love hosting and I’m able to cook for vegans, veggie and meat eaters. I can host up to 10 people around the table. I run a Bed and Breakfast in Manchester and most rave about my hosting and food skills.  Most of my guests just leave me a nice tip in the bottle which I spend on the costs of replacing stuff in the house and food charity for epilepsy as I suffer this condition.

Price: -

Billingshurst, Sussex countryside (ENG005)

I am Alice, I was born and raised in southeast England, I live with my English partner, John, In a beautiful traditional three story English townhouse in the Sussex countryside, a village called Billingshurst. We live opposite a train station with a direct train to London (takes 1 hr) and to London gatwick airport (takes 20 minutes) so it would be a great start or end to your visit to England to stop off and have dinner with a friendly English couple! We are both 30 years old, I work in human resources and John works in London in IT. We have. Lovely home we saved hard to buy and have both travelled a lot Round Europe and India, we try to go Abroad for a weekend once a month. We have no kids yet. We would love to welcome you and your family into our lives for Traditional English meal and to share some stories.

Price: GBP 1/pp (or EUR 1)


Bole Sub-city, Addis Ababa (ETH001)

These are the things that our cherished guests can expect from a visit to our home: A savoring, respecting Christian family, living around CMC area, close to Safari school, in a beautiful villa house with a very peaceful neighborhood.

The household is made up of five members. I.e. a man (33yrs), his wife (27yrs), two small kids and a house maid; professionally a civil engineer and an accountant business woman. Actually sharing meals only with the two of us.

We are glad to let our visitors know that we like to prepare foods which are organic; having balanced dietary contents, and serve while fresh. The dishes of foods we prepare often are varieties of both Ethiopian and European cuisines, prepared and served only at home. It is also most welcome to have our guest’s involvement to take part in the making and maybe even do the grocery shopping together as there is a well-equipped, neat and spacious kitchen for that and doing so will boost up the quality time we will have together.

We could help pick from and bring back to where you are boarded. We hope guests who choose to visit us to share our Home Made Meals will gain a pleasant experience of their stay in Addis Ababa which they can’t forget very soon. Children (there is also a play room for kids filled with toys).

Thank you for embracing us to become a part of you.

Price: USD 10/pp (Children USD 6)

Addis Ababa (ETH002)

Greetings my name is Teshome and I live in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I am interested in caring for guests in my home. My guests can expect that they are my family members and they can share their ideas and ask what they want freely.

Price: USD 10-15/pp

Addis Ababa (ETH003)

My name is kaleab I am Ethiopian I live in the capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Abeba. I am an easy going person who can share different thoughts about my country and my world. I am 25 years old. I’m married and baby on board and I’m very happy to invite anyone to my parents house you will meet my two small brothers and my father and mother. The reason I make at my parents house its more traditional than my house.

We prepare a traditional meal  which we call it BEYAYINETU if the visitor is willing to buy the grocerys to visit the market its on himself otherwise the meal is totaly free  since your aim is to share culture and tradition this is the part of our culture in Ethiopia. It’s a must sharing meal with others.. I am sure u will be satisfied.  attached the picture of the meal.

Price: Free

Harar (ETH004)

My name is Amir and i own a Cultural Harari Guesthouse in Harar, Ethiopia. I really like this idea of eating dinner with my guests because at my guesthouse that is what I usually offer after the hyena feeding show. So I usually offer the guests to have that and enjoy the meal together with them. From Nice and fresh Yoghurt and bread dinner to Nice Oriental best kind of Hanid food, as well as pizza.

Price: Free

Addis Ababa (ETH005)

My name is Muluken, 33. I was born and raised in Addis. After completing my regular elementary and secondary schooling, I studied Accounting and graduated in Diploma from Mekelle University. Then, I studied Tour Operation and Travel Management at the Catering and Tourism Training Institute for two years and graduated in Diploma with ' Distinctions' ranking. Then, I worked as a permanent tour operator and guide for five years at two well known tour companies in Addis. Since,August 2009, I have been working as a freelance tour guide to all parts of Ethiopia.

I am single and live with my mother invasion government house. I am happy to host visitors at my house and help them enjoy Ethiopian meals prepared by my mom.

I invite visitors to try a variety of vegetarian meals and Ethiopia's national dish which is called "Doro Wot ". Doro Wot is made of chicken and is spicy.

Price: USD 50/pp


Helsinki (FIN001)

Hi, my name is Heikki. I live in Helsinki in a shared apartment with two other people. The kitchen is good for maximum four guests - not too big...

Anyway I would like to cook with you something Finnish, something that I've eaten many times, but maybe haven't done myself yet. If you don't know how to cook, it's no problem.

Naturally the expenses won't be that high, but to cook something more fancy is ok too.

Dessert is a must!

Price: EUR 10/pp

Helsinki (FIN002)

I live in Finland but I actually come from India. I like meeting people from all over the world and I like to tell about my life in Finland or if you prefer we can talk or discuss debate about Indian culture and so on.

I actually prefer to meet my guests in a park like and do a picnic or take away, as I am in a small studio and can’t really accommodate many people at my home.

I like to prepare rice and vegetable stew or chicken/meat or rice with both vegetables and meat, made either in Indian or African or fusion.

Price: EUR 5-8/pp


(French overseas territories are listed by thier names e.g. you'll find Reunion Island together with countries that start with an "R")

Mandelieu la Napoule (FRA001)

Hi foodies! My name's Charlotte, I'm a 27 yo french food lover. Originally from Paris, I now live in the French Riviera area where I'd be happy to introduce you to realistic french Cuisine. By realistic I mean: using a selection of affordable products for tasty but simple recipes.

As I travelled to Thaïland and Australia, I also got to learn about international Cuisine so spicy thaï or aussie bush curry could also be on the menu if you'd like!

Here are a few options : entrée + main (+ cheese) + dessert and a bottle of wine OR main (+cheese) + dessert and a bottle of wine. The original crèpes experience (from the actual making to the throwing crèpes in the air fun) with tea or coffee.

Price: EUR 15/pp

Paris (FRA002)

Hello Guys! I am Mukul Ranjan 23 years old and a great food lover. I am basically from New Delhi, India but i am doing job in Paris. I love to meet new people, exchange the culture and learn something new from them. I am a good cook and i keep trying some different dishes. I am very friendly and partying guy. You will definately gonna enjoy my company with my food :)

When you guys will be here i will cook some great Indian Dishes and i am sure you will love it but it will be little spicy. Dont worry i will prepare the food as per you guys. If you guys want to go for French food i am good in that also. So finally, i will say that when you will be here you will say wow ! what a great home hosted meal !! 

Price: EUR 30/pp


Frankfurt am Main (GER001)

Hi I'm Jan, I'm in my thirties and I'm living in Frankfurt. I've moved here for work some years ago and I really enjoy living here. As I've bought me some new used kitchen chairs, I would like to share them with you while we might have a nice dinner or even cook something together.

I try to prepare my food out of organic stuff and I try to live my life somehow in a fair way - that is fair to people and fair to the environment, without being narrow-minded or too strict.

What I'm into? musik (Indirock and stuff), a bit of Ukulele, books, arduino tinkering, traveling.

Price: EUR 5-15/pp (depends on what we'll eat and drink)

Munich (GER002)

I am Shabeer khan, doing job here in Munich as a Mechanical Engineer. I like to welcome international people travelling to my home.

My guests will join in any meal which is cooked on a given day or whatever our guests like. Preference will be given to female guests first. But on week days male guests are also welcome.

Price: EUR 15/pp

Bad Vilbel, near Frankfurt am Main (GER003)

Hi, I'm a woman in my late twenties, and I am currently doing my PhD in bioinformatics. Together with my boyfriend (an IT technician who enjoys electronic music and all kinds of games) I live in Bad Vilbel, a small town just outside Frankfurt am Main. Both of us are into travelling, and I read a lot - novels and non-fiction, with an eclectic mix of topics. We're also active members of the couchsurfing community as we're always keen to hear about life in other parts of the world, and we simply enjoy having guests once in a while (preferably at the weekend though - more time to prepare the meal).

I'm a vegetarian, so we can offer you vegetarian or vegan fare - Thai curry (using shrimp paste-free curry paste ;) ), different kinds of Middle Eastern dishes composed around pulses, Indian curries, and the odd German-ish dish as well. The quality isn't consistent, mind you: sometimes it turns out like simple, home-cooked fare with the spices slightly off kilter, at other times I would gladly pay for such a dish at a restaurant and recommend that place to my friends - and most of the time the food ends up somewhere in between ;) When it's just the two of us we stick to mains, but a salad on the side and/or dessert would definitely be an option. We tend to buy organic produce, but not exclusively.

Our kitchen isn't all that large so we can only comfortably accommodate up to two people. We'll do both the shopping and the cooking.

Price: EUR 7-12/pp (depending on the meal e.g. ingredients and workload)

Aachen (GER004)

I am a student studying in Aachen, Germany. I am originally from India so I can cook some good Indian meals (mostly south Indian). I am actually a vegetarian so I can only cook vegetarian dishes. I know a little bit of German and can speak good English. I travel a lot and love meeting new people. Come home for a meal and you won’t regret it. Regarding the price I would like to just split cost of the groceries depending on the meal.

Price: EUR 2-3/pp


Accra, Nima (GHA001)

My name is Charles, I’m 29 years old and have completed Harvard senior high school in Accra. I started to show people my neighborhood back in 2011. From time to time I have met so many people from different counties which has enabled me to learn lots of interesting thing in my own country. As my mum’s only child I enjoy her food anytime am around her. I organize Sunday lunch with guest where I take them around Nima for a tour and let them try out my mum’s local food.

I have been able to establish a tour company which is giving back to the community in which I was raised and in so doing providing employment to drivers and retailers, also bringing in donations and volunteers to support my community. I am a hard working man willing to go the extra mile to make sure my guest feel at home by providing them with knowledge and letting them experience our culture history and food.

Food is prepared in a compound house which gives visitors how we cook in our courtyard and eat together as family. Some of the foods are red red which is cooked black eye peas beans with riped fried plantain and red palm oil. Fufu is boiled pounded cassava mix with riped plantain and can be served with peanut soup with tuna or smoked fish. It can also be served with spicy light soup or palm nut soup with chicken. This is a heavy food and should be eaten early so it can digest before going to bed.

Another local food is bank and grilled tilapia. Banku is prepared with corn dough and cassava dough mixed in water and allowed to boil whiles stirring it and driving till it becomes hard and water it at different stages to make it soft before serving it in a round shape. Also there is spicy jollof rice and chicken or tuna. You prepared spicy tomatoes stew and add water to boil now you add your rice so it will steam and be cooked. Now you can serve with salad, cooked eggs, fish.

I can prepare all these foods with the help of my mum and other dishes which i will like to show visitors.

Price: GHS 5/pp

Somanya, outside Accra (GHA002)

Our home is located in the township of Somanya which is 1 hour drive from the noisy city of Accra. Ghana.

Meals we offer to guest are continental and local dishes. We have all cooking utensils and you can prepare your own meal or ask us and we’ll prepare for you.

You’ll be eating with the owner of a tour operator and the Royal sons of Krobo land as well as orphans and single parent kids.

We also offer bed and breakfast and we can take you on tour if you want.

Price: USD 20/pp

Kumasi (GHA003)

Hi everyone this is Ben I’m a tour guide and I run my own Walking Tour Guide Service. I will like to share my time and my local food with you. Kumasi is the second largest city of Ghana and has a rich culture and traditions. I live in a community called Djakojom by Fanti settler from cape coast.

I would like to introduce you to most popular Fanti food you will never find it anywhere in Kumasi. FANTI KENKEY with fried fish and stew, my mum is always around to teach you how to prepare this food, our compound is open so you have access to learn other things while you are cooking, you will not only learn or eat one food but many varieties of Fanti foods as the Ghana history is known Fantis people are best cookers when it comes to Foods. The saying goes the best way to learn culture, tradition, local food is visit, you are welcome always.

Price: GHS 10/pp


Stalis, Island of Crete (GRE001)

Hi! We offer meals to travelers on the island of Crete, Greece.

A house is just a place where people live. A Home is where truly the heart is. Michael's home is an under construction volunteer-run arts shelter associated with enlightenment and illumination. The provided dedicated space is for people to get involved to any creative activity imaginable.

We are building a traveler’s arts shelter and anyone who is interested in arts and is able to offer any "arts" activity can stay here.

The food that we served is what’s available :-)

Price: none (..but donations are welcome)

West coast, Island of Corfu (GRE002)

We are a married couple in our late fifties living in Corfu Greece. We live in a historic village and our house is a traditional 300 year old big village house.

We have lived in Greece for 20 years so can offer a humorous insight into life here. We are happy and easy going and enjoying sharing our stories about living in Greece.

We would like to offer dinner to our visitors. I have Celiac disease so can offer Gluten free meals to people who need them. I cook varied food and can cook Chinese , Indian or international food by request, but I specialise in cooking traditional Greek village food.  We can also offer local wines with the meal.

If visitors wish we could take them to local places where they can buy local wine, olive oil and other products from local producers.

The maximum number of guests we could cope with is four adults at any one time.

It would include three courses with some choice of food for dessert etc. I use mostly local organic products whenever I can.

Price: EUR 15-20/pp (with or without wine)

Island of Corfu (GRE003)

My husband and I have lived here full time for the last two years. Both in our mid-forties we have integrated very well into the local community. I work in the summer as a summer cook for tourists hiring high-end villas.

I love to cook both traditional Greek and English dishes. We never use anything processed as I believe our health has improved greatly by doing as the Greeks do!! Buy whats in season, fresh!! We live in the middle of olive groves with beautiful hillside all around, we are very very lucky!! We also grow a lot of our own fruit and vegetables.

We can cater for up to 6 people in simple surroundings.

Price: EUR 15-25 (3 course meal)


Panajachel, main town by Lake Atitlan (GUA001)

We live with our three children in Panajachel on the shores of the beautiful Lake Atitlan. Panajachel is much like a tropical Eden surrounded by three towering volcanoes, fertile green hills and a multicultural society. Our town gets many visitors and we enjoy very much meeting tourist and exchanging views on the world. Inviting them into our home to give them en insight into Guatemalan life seems natural to us, since this is something we would very much like to do when we travel.

We prepare traditional Guatemalan dishes and we also like to show or explain how to make our national dishes.

Price: GTQ 120/pp (children GTQ 50) 

Quetzaltenango (Xela), "Capital of the High Land” (GUA002)

We are a young couple living with our son in the most easygoing city of Guatemala. The city has a beautiful old city centre and a lot of interesting sights for the visitor. A lot of people come to Xela to study Spanish and we think that all these visitors create a great opportunity to invite the world to come to us. We love learning about the other cultures and also to tell about ours, which we are very proud of.

We prepare any kind of food but we are particularly good at preparing traditional Guatemalan.

Price: GTQ 110/pp (Children GTQ 40)

Antigua (GUA003)

We are a Danish/Spanish couple living in Guatemala with our son (7 y.o.). We have lived in Guatemala for more than 10 years and we have lived in various different places. It seems that there are a lot of different opinions on Guatemala and we enjoy very much discussing all the different viewpoints there is. We love Guatemala and we are glad that we have the opportunity to share our passion with people that come hre for the first time.

We normally prepare a sort of high quality fusion of Guatemalan/European food to our guests.

Price: GTQ 180/pp (Children are free)

San Lucas Sacatepeques, 1/2 hour from Antigua (GUA004) 

I’m originally from Chicago but I have lived in Central America for many years and in Guatemala for almost 10 years. I love the lifestyle here although in particularly the easy access to amazing natural wonders and unique indigenous cultures – it’s incredible how the landscapes and people change as you move through this relatively small country. I’ll be happy to give you my opinion on what to see and do while in Guatemala.

I like comida chapin (Guatemalan food) and this is probably what I’ll be serving.

Price: GTQ 120/pp   

Guatemala City (GUA005)

We are a family of four living in the biggest city and capital of Guatemala, Guatemala City. We are proud of our Guatemalan inheritance and we love showing visitors the Guatemalan way of life. We have travelled a lot and one of the best things about travelling is meeting people from other cultures, this is why we also like to invite people to our home.  So if you are looking for a true local experience and to learn about life in Guatemala, then send us an email.

We prepare traditional Guatemalan food.

Price: GTQ 120/pp (children GTQ 50)


La Ceiba (HON001)

Hello I’m a woman, I'm married and I have 4 kids with age ranges from 19-3!! We enjoy when possible to eat together! We have a Rottweiler's kennel and we have a very nice home... We live in a very nice residential area in a small city on the Caribbean coast of Honduras.

Price: USD 20-40/pp


Reykjavík (ICE001)

We are an Icelandic couple in our 30's with 3 children age 3-9. I'm working in the green energy sector, designing geothermal power plants. My wife is a distillery manager, making the first icelandic wisky.

We'd love to spend time with you over dinner, accompanied with home brewed beer and good conversation. We speak English, German and some Danish.

We like to prepare Icelandic lamb meal for our guests as it is simple, tasty and local. Well also make desert accompanied with taste of Icelandic Wisky.

Price: USD 45/pp (children USD 20/pp)


New Delhi (IDA001)

Hi Everyone, This is Jessica. I am a tour guide in New Delhi. I love exploring new places, and by association, new cuisine. I am fortunate to be doing for a living, something that I love. I love showing people around and regaling them with the folk tales, legends and actual history associated with any place.

HomeHostedMeals is an excellent platform for me to merge my love of cooking along with my interest of introducing people to the intricacies of Indian culture. Home-cooked food has a different flavor altogether. Mostly I will be the only one you will meet unless my son is home.

Using some of the purest and freshest ingredients, following recipes handed down generations, I will treat you to sumptuous Indian delights and interesting tidbits regarding the Indian culture and cuisine.

Meal will include one non vegetarian dish (chicken or mutton), one vegetarian, pea pulao, roti (Indian bread), and a starter.

Price: USD 30/pp

Delhi (IDA002)

Hello friends, My name is kumar living in Delhi (North India) with my family (my parents, my wife & boy of 6years). I am working with a travel agency and like to meet with people! We welcome guest to visit our home with prior appointments and to understand the living and interact to get to know better the custom and food etc!

We’d be happy to prepare coffee/tea with Indian snacks, lunch or dinner - vegetarian or non vegetarian and maybe even do a half day trip (walk or rickshaw) and visit to local market to purchase the vegetables and food. Or the plan can be modified as per your requirements.

Basic Menu consist of vegetables, lentil, Jeera Rice, Onion/Tomoto Salad, Masala Papad, Roti (Chapati – Indian), and Indian Tea (Chai).

Look forward to welcome you in INDIA!!

Price: USD 12-30/pp (depending on the menu)

Jaipur (IDA003)

If you make a trip to Jaipur, don't miss the opportunity of having a royal rajwada treatment of great Rajasthani vegetarian food. I’m a man who lives in Jaipur who would like to show guests rajasthani culture, and talk about art, culture, and history. But we also like to hear about the places where I guests come from.

The best part about my house is the rajasthani royal ambience which gives an experience of heritage.


Price: USD 15/pp

Guwahati (IDA004)

My name is Bibek and i am from Guwahati(Assam). Guwahati is the gateway to the North East region of India. In my family its me and my wife Zawni and our three children. My wife is from Aizawl(Mizoram) which is a small hill station of the North East India and she prepares Pork, Chicken, Fish and Mutton both spicy and the traditional way with organic spice. She is really excellent in it. She loves cooking and i love eating....that's how we came to know each other and finally got married. My youngest son Lucky is 4years, the eldest son Andrew 13years and Martin is 12years old.  We stay in an apartment at the top floor and we arrange our parties on the terrace that is 6th floor.

I run a motorcycle rental agency so if you are into guided motorcycle tours just let me know :-)

The meal will be either Assam Tea,  Joha Rice, Yellow Dal Fry with Tomato, Black Dal, Tomato and Chilly Roast pickle(traditional and very tasty), Smoked Pork Dry Fry with Fresh vegetables i.e.

Mushrooms/capsicum/onion leaves etc , Mutton Vindalo, Boiled Beens and Cucumber with onion salad.

Or Assam Tea, Basmati Rice, Yellow Dal Fry with Dhaniya, Rajma with thin slices of Pork in it, Chicken with vegetable, Fish with Currypatta, Cucumber with onion salad.

After the main course Curd with Rosogulla for sweet dish. Assam Tea with home made cookies.

Price: USD 25-30/pp

Delhi (IDA005)

I live in Delhi region. I am a nice, understanding, caring and broadminded guy. I am a freelance writer. I work online. I have been hosting/meeting lots of foreigners since 2008 and guests can expect food at home.

The guests can help in cooking or they can decide not to help in cooking. Food can be both international as well as local Indian food.

Price: USD 20-25/pp (Local or International food)

Jaipur, Rajasthan (IDA006)

Greetings from India! I am a traveler, a photographer and a cook. Love to interact with people from all over the world. I do experiment with Indian food and invented few dishes of mine. Being a tour operator I do have good knowledge of our culture and India. If you decide to have dinner with us I am sure you will be enjoying the food and the Indian company.   

Common Man meal: One Indian Cheese preparation, Indian Dal (Lentil), Boiled plain Rice, Chapati (Indian Bread ), Salad and Indian Desert.

Maharaja meal: Chicken Curry, Pasta made in Indian Style,  Indian Dal (Lentil), Boiled plain Rice, Chapati (Indian Bread ), Salad and Indian Desert.

Price: USD 12-26/pp

Jaipur, Rajasthan (IDA007)

I am from Jaipur and I’m a 25 Year old guy. I love to meet people from around the world and spend good time with them and I’m quite interested in knowing about different cultures and their living standards.

I live with my family guests can come for ultimate, delicious, Homemade, local dinner or lunch.

I have worked with in hotel and tourism industry therefore i have better knowledge of visiting/shopping & other interesting places.

Price: USD 12-15/pp

Pune, Maharashtra (IDA008)

Hi there, this is Vidya from Pune, Maharashtra, India. I come from army background, so got decent exposure to the Indian cultural aspect thoroughly, as well food, so I think it will be a complete experience, with better service , better ambience, wholesome one dish meals: Chana Bhatura, Pav-Bhaji, salad and a sweet complete meal. Since last few years I have been contemplating to start with something, so here I go..Welcome to the great heritage of the ancient civilization of the world..

Price: USD 5-8/pp

Bangalore (IDA009)

My wife Anumita and I (Rajaram) live in the outskirts of Bangalore city In India about an hour and half’s drive from city centre.  The two dogs who share our space come and go as they please.  No children by choice. We have a simple and warm home, built in as sustainable a manner as we live.  We have a wide range of interests. From spirituality to deep ecology, food to gardens (though I should admit the green thumb has missed our altogether), economy to culture, history to science, art and music (I love jazz)… we read widely and have a pretty decent collection in our library.

We welcome you for a meal and conversation in our home, exchanging thoughts and ideas.  Our food interests are as varied as our other interests.  We like to explore the regional specialties of the vast Indian cuisine as well favorites from the Continent and Orient.  We would be happy to host two (and at most four) people at a time, for some interesting food comprising vegetables, meat, rice and bread (rotis), dessert and a glass of beer or non-alcoholic beverage and share our thoughts on our country, its people and culture while you tell us yours. 

Price: USD 30/pp

Mumbai (IDA010)

Greetings from India! I’m Avantika & I love food, cats & fashion. Currently I’m living and working in Mumbai, though I’m from Calcutta. (I will be moving back to Calcutta at the end of this year 2014) I love meeting new people & learning more about different cultures. While my house is rented & small (without a dining table, so we will eat on the bed or the floor with a sheet on as per your convenience) and there are three cats at home, the atmosphere is casual, genuine & warm. There will be some snacks, a basic meal & tea for you & your family.

I would be happy to host two (at the most four) people for a simple, traditional meal to share stories of our culture, experiences and insights while you share yours. My food is influenced by Punjabi, Bengali & Maharashtrian tastes so expect to find a melting pot of flavours. Only dinner on weekdays since I’m working full time.

The Comman Man Menu: Drinks: Either tea or lassi if you prefer. Main course: Papad, one vegetable main dish, dal (lentils), roti (or Indian bread) and Indian Dessert.

The Maharaja Menu: Starter: One Indian snack. Drinks: Either masala tea or rohafza (cold rose based drink) if you prefer. Main course: Papad, bharva chillies, one vegetable main dish, one non-vegetarian main dish (can be replaced with a second vegetarian main dish), roti (or Indian bread), Boondi raita ( yogurt),papad and Indian Dessert.

Price: USD 20-30/pp (depending on the menu. Children below 12 years of age eat at half rate)

Jaipur, Rajasthan (IDA011)

It’s been 14 Years of marriage and we being true Punjabi Hosted many dinners for friends and family. This is our culture Always inviting and enjoying meals to gather at home. We were offered to Host cooking class followed by dinner by a local Travel Agency in Jaipur but we decided to cook dinner for people. A year later I’ve hosted more than 100 dinners.

For someone who is interested in traveling and who wants to get to know the locals, I can't think of a better way to experience that than by consuming a meal prepared in someone's home. By participating, you can experience a cultural exchange and appreciate that there are many fascinating and kind people in the world just waiting to meet you. Why would you be more inclined to go to a restaurant if you can have a Home Hosted Meal waiting for you?

Times I didn’t have enough food: 0 (I try so hard not to overcook but always have leftovers).What did I learn from this whole experiment? Meals are that wonderful time when you open yourself up and relax a bit and it is the perfect thing to host. Food is relatable, accessible and full of experiments. Cooking dinner gives you a chance to plan an experience for those you love, and should be something everyone does.

Most common dish: Butter Paneer and Pakodas but I can arrange many traditional dishes.

Price: USD 15/pp

Delhi (IDA012)

I live in New Delhi. Our guests will get a sneak peak into how a traditional Indian family lives and eats.

They will be served authentic Indian dishes from Maharashtra (Bombay), Gujrat, Rajasthan (Jaipur, Udaipur) and Punjab (Amritsar) cooked by an Indian housewife. You will also get an opportunity to cook with her and learn her art. Our guests will get to enjoy the meal in the home of the host along with the family of the host and get a glimpse of true Indian culture. After the meal the host and the guests can also enjoy a soothing stroll in the park of the house where other women and families of the nearby houses engage in their daily gossip sessions and kids enjoy the rides in the park.

It will be a full course vegetarian meal with desserts and traditional Indian beverages.

The house has a free parking, free wifi, elevator in the building, nearby public transport, air conditioning.

The experience will last for about 3-4 hours.

Price: USD 25/pp

Agra (IDA013)

I am Manisha, born and raised in Agra, ‘The City of Love’.  By profession I was journalist, but as with many traditional Indian women, I became a housewife after the birth of my beautiful son, Madhav.

Since my childhood I was known among my family and friends as being an excellent cook and perfect host and so three years ago I decided to share these skills with overseas guests. I’ve hosted over hundred meals at our home and my guests always appreciate their experience with us,I love to talk with our guests, sharing my knowledge about Indian culture and cooking and getting to know them in return. I have found this is best way to experience exchanging our different worlds by staying, cooking, eating together.

Once guests come to our home they never forget about us as we try and take good care of them. We are a very happy, peaceful and small family of 5 people and we love to share our house and kitchen with our lovely guests. You are also invited to take part in preparing dinner to learn about cooking traditions.

We make Punjabi, Rajasthani, Gujrati and Mughlai vegetarian food.

Price: USD 12-20/PP

Jaipur (IDA014)

Have a unique experience of dining and demo cooking with Indian family.

Hello Friends, I am Shrey and living with my family in Jaipur and we love to host foreign guests and families for dinner. My father being employed in the hospitality industry love to host people for dinnerfollowing with great conversations over cultural exchange and my mother who is a teacher in a school loves to cook Indian food. Also I having a passion for urban organic gardening and being the member of Jaipur’s organic farming community we now use organic vegetables for our meals which make them even healthier.

This is how we usually go about the dinner - starting from welcome drinks (non-alcoholic) with homemade Indian snacks and taking guests in our own house’s kitchen, where guests get to see how the Indian food is prepared and we also let them try their hand at cooking, which turns out to be the most fun and enjoyable part for them and then followed by dinner.


We have been hosting dinners from about 7 years now and are looking forward to meet more foreign guests.

Our Menu – Glass of welcome drink, 2 Indian starters (Snacks). Main course – Indian Dal (Pulse), 2 Vegetables/Chicken and 1 Vegetable. Rice, Indian bread, Home cooked sweet dish.

Price: USD 13.50/PP (vegetarian), 16.20/PP (chicken)

New Delhi (IDA015)

My name is Shivani Sharma. I am 52 years old,a happily married woman and a mother of two grown up boys,living in a beautiful home in New Delhi, India. I used to be a model and after that I practised law for some years. I have always been passionate about cooking since I was 12 years old and have enjoyed learning to cook various cuisines. However what I love cooking the most is authentic Indian food. What makes an indian home cooked meal amazing is the healthy wholesome well balanced aspect of it besides it being so tasty! I cook vegetarian meals at home and would love to share our family table with travelers who are looking for the real taste of India.

The meal would consist of a homemade appetiser drink, depending on the season,either a raw mango mint concoction/buttermilk and in winters a ginger lemon tea. The main course would comprise of 2 courses of cooked seasonal vegetables,a course of lentils and rice and a selection of indian flat breads with pickles,salad and Chutney. The dessert would be a home made indian ice cream.

After the meal I offer to show you how to wear an indian outfit, Saree AND a chance to dress up as an Indian Bride and Groom and get pictures taken..!

Looking forward to hosting you.

Price: USD 40/pp (about 3 hours)


Cianjur Jawabarat, West Java (IND001)

I am Indonesian and I live in a small pretty town in the Western end of the island of Java. My town is located between Jakarta and Bandung. I like meeting foreigners and I’d be happy to introduce my culture.

like to prepare lotek or ketoprak which are made from vegetables typically grown in many Indonesian villages. This I normally serve with warm rice.

Price: IDR 250,000/pp

Jakarta, Java (IND002)

Hello. My name is Ryan 29yo living my bachelor life. I am Indonesian and I live in studio flat in the Indonesian capital city of Jakarta.

My specialty is on Indonesian food and some Indonesian pastries. If you like I can also teach hoe to cook Indonesian food. If you prefer we can eat out and then I’ll show you around and you’ll try different Indonesian culinary.

Price: IDR 150,000/pp

Malang, East Java (IND003)

Hi! my name is Nuril and I would like to share my food and time with you, I will introduce you to some Indonesian traditional meals and maybe including some traditional snacks and drinks!

Me and some friends like to hang-out and doing a picnick every weekend, we use to share our meals and share the bills too because some of us (especially me) couldn't cook. I would like to invite you if you want to join us! See you around!

Price: IDR 65.000/pp (for 5 of us for each picnick agenda)

Kuala Simpang (district of Aceh Tamiang), Sumatra (IND004)

Hi, We are a happy family, and love to see new friends from around the globe. Our district has very few tourist attractions, but as you like social contact and observation and experience in foreign culture; you could have enjoy your visit with us. We could serve hot local meals, or maybe I could manage European sometimes. Welcome world! We also offer accommodation if you decide to stay the night.

Price: USD 5-8/pp

Jakarta, Java (IND005)

I live in South Jakarta, Indonesia. Me and my sister can teach you how to cook Indonesia traditional food, or if you just want to have Lunch at our home welcome too, just let us know what menu you like to try

I can host Lunch up to 4 people, or more.

The menu that we offer is Sayur Asam (sour soup), Tahu telor (Toffu Egg) and Yellow Chicken.

Price: IDR 1-200.000/pp (depending on choice of food)

Surakarta, Central Java (IND006)

My name is Lita and I lives in Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia, and would love to host people around the world.

I can offer them a place to stay, warmth and hospitality from my Family, food (sometimes), a trip around the city by motorbike (when I am available), stories, and friendship.

In return all the people who wants to stay needs to wear appropriate dress and being polite and patient (I have hosted several people with no such attitude and it bothered both neighbors and my family).

We are serving traditional food, Chinese-Javanese food, and sometimes International ones (steak with potatoes etc).

Price: IDR 15-35.000/pp (sometimes we gives discount, depends on the person's behavior)

Small village in Northern Sumatra (IND007)

I am Indonesian My Name is Jungle Edie, and I live in a small village in the North end of the island of Sumatra. My town is located between Medan and Banda Aceh.

I like meeting foreigners and I’d be happy to introduce my culture, and my jungle flora & fauna wildlife, and OrangUtan.

I like to prepare dishes made from vegetables typically grown in many Indonesian villages. This I normally serve with warm rice.

Price: IDR 250.000/pp

Ubud, Bali (IND008)

I am an Australian living in Bali, where I volunteer on some community projects. Usually I have 3 or 4 international guests staying at my open plan home, and I often prepare a home cooked meal for up to eight people. It's my favorite occupation - i love cooking and listening to travel tales!

I use fresh local meats and organic fruit and vegetables picked at a friend's garden just 1 kilometer away, plus herbs from the pots on my own verandah.

I offer three courses, and these dishes could come from any part of the world for example not long ago I prepared Russian pelmeni (pork and beef parcels like ravioli) with fresh tomato and sour cream, West African chicken with peanut sauce, and meringues with liquered orange slices. I can do a vegetarian option, if 2 or more people are coming.

Guests bring their own drinks and usually offer to help with the washing up, bless them! We are an easy ten minute drive from the centre of Ubud, and can arrange a driver.

Price: IDR 200.000/pp


Shiraz, Fars province (IRA001)

I live in Shiraz (center of Fars province) and my parants and relatives live in Sepidan, Barme firooz lake/Noor abad, Mahoor zone depending on time of year.  Actually we belong to the nomads, Ghashghaei tribe, which is the most famous tribe in the South of Iran. In the fall and winter we live in the warm places in south an in the spring and summer in cool places in north of Fars province.

I will take you from Shiraz to the place where my parents live, so you won't have any problems finding my family’s camp. You will need to cover the expenses for a car to get to the camp - USD 30-50 depending on where the camp is.

All the time we live in a tent and most of our delicious foods are organic and traditional and you will also have a chance to see traditional customs.

Price: USD 10/pp (incl. overnight)

Tehran (IRA002)

My name is Hosein Ahmadi, I’m 28 year old, and I live in the Northern part of Tehran. I am single and my job is business. I love traveling and meeting people from other cultures.

You are welcome to come to my house and have a meal.

Price: USD 20/pp

Gorgan, Golestan Province (IRA003)

Salam. We are a nature loving couple from Golestan Province in Iran. We speak both fluent English and Farsi as a couple, so we should communicate well with speakers of both languages. We would be glad to offer travelers in the Gorgan area a beautiful and natural experience in Iran, revealing to our guest some of the natural hidden beauties of our homeland.

We have two plans lined up that we can offer. The meals will be outdoor campfire style meals which would include smoked teas and other Iranian snacks, nothing too elegant but pleasant enough for outdoors. We have a plan (A) which would offer a light walk down one of the most beautiful and natural drives of Iran, and another plan(B) for those more adventurous . The more adventurous one would require some experience hiking. The plan B, hiking trail includes a walk through a beautiful forest, upland towards a fresh water stream. This cold, pure, freshwater, stream is a lovely source of water surrounded by trees, birds chirping and beautiful terrain. When we reach this destination it makes an ideal spot for some small talk on Iranian history and culture also ideal for collecting firewood for smoking veggies, tuna, and black tea. Water bottles can be supplied to hikers interested in bottling the fresh water to take back to their hotels or on the road with them. Both plans are very affordable and equally enjoyable, guest interested in Iranian history and nature would not regret.

We can also include beverages like turkish coffee, hot cocoa, and other options on the meal depending on season.

Price: USD10/pp

Yazd (IRA004)

I’m living in Iran, in the city of Yazd. I am not Iranian I’m from Scotland my husband is Iranian Educated in Uk he is a Engineer. Lots of tourist visits Yazd because it’s the second oldest city in the world so the visitors will be meeting me and my close family. We are all English speaking and love entertaining. We eat our meal with our guests.

We start with a yogurt and mint dip with special thin dry bread and different kinds of crisps along with refreshments. The main meal is Iranian rice, egg plant stew with chunks of lamb also a chicken breast dish with cooked walnuts and pomegranate sauce and cooked chicken with mashed potatoes with cooked vegetables. The chicken is always organic and the rice is of the best quality. A fresh salad. Then dessert which is mostly ice cream with jelly . Then coffee and cream puffs.

This meal is Persian cuisine it’s really a feast .with candles.

Price: EUR 35/pp


Cork (IRE001)

We are a couple living in Cork with our small boy. We have travelled a lot and we always enjoy the company of people from different cultures than our own. When we invite visitors to our home we like to discuss international affairs, cultural differences and global shifts.

We can prepare traditional meals as well as international dishes.

Price: GBP 22/pp (children GBP 10)


Jerusalem (ISR001)

I'd be pleased to host up to 3 guests at a time for delicious, strictly gluten-free homemade meals, accompanied by my own homemade gluten-free bread. Single guests are also most welcome.

Please note that I do not serve meat and milk together at the same meal.

At the same time, guests can expect an inside look at a delightfully quaint and rustic-like neighborhood smack in the heart of Jerusalem, with amazing views. They'll visit my equally delightful tiny apartment with amazing views, reached by 80 (eighty!!!)) steps (please be aware of the steps!!!), 'up in the clouds'. They'll also meet me, a mature freelance home-based translator originally from Ireland, who immigrated to Israel years ago, as an 18-year-old.

I prepare meals ranging from simple to high-end, which include a main course, desert, coffee or tea, fruit or other desert, both to be discussed with my guests.

Price: NIS 100-200/pp


Rome (ITA001)

Hi , my name is Isa and I like to host people in my flat in Rome. During a visit at my place you may choose between the following cooking courses:

1)How to make pizza at home...one day , 6 hours approx, price per person is 35 euro minimum 3 person max 10 person.

2) How to make a true Italian Style aperitivo (cocktails and home made snacks) 4 hour; 25 euro per person minimum 3 max 10 persons.

3) Delicious Ancient Rome aperitif (true recipees from JULIUS CAESAR 's age ) 4 hour; 25 euro per person minimum 3 max 10 ppl.

4) How to make Italian Icecream at home! 4 hour approx; 20 euro per person minimum 3 maximum 10 ppl

Price: EUR 20-35/pp

Cuneo Province (ITA002)

Ciao, sono Vilma abito in un piccolo paese ai piedi delle Alpi Cozie, in provincia di Cuneo ( Italia ). Ho 50 anni e una grande passione per la cucina. Non amo la grande cucina, preferisco la cucina tradizionale piemontese. Ho un orto dove coltivo  tantissime verdure genuine. Adoro mangiare esclusivamente frutta e verdura di stagione. Mi piace molto usare in cucina le varie erbe aromatiche e piante officinali spontanee e commestibili.

Price: EUR 20-25/pp (2 person minimum)

Milan (just outside the city) (ITA003)

We are a family of 3. Me and my husband and our son of 20 years, he is a student. We really like to travel and meet people, cultures, customs of the places where sojourn. Recently we use for our travels a camper and we are even more in touch with the people and nature. We are more than happy to host both Italians and Foreigners to deepen conversations and exchange about each other's cultures.


We like to prepare traditional foods Lombard and Mediterranean cuisine, with carefully selected ingredients and coming from our countryside. We have a garden and if they want to, our guests can join us to cook food on the barbecue.

Price: EUR 20-25/pp (minimum 2 people)

Velletri, close to Rome (ITA004)

I'm a musician, so when I cook for you I sing!

I'm sure that so the food will be imbued with positive energy and vibes. I am a musician, singer. In addition I work on art therapy and I'm a art-counselor and wellness vocal coach. For this reason I try to cook tasty things but also healthy. I’m specialized in early and traditional music .

I love meeting people from all over the world to learn new things.

My favorite menus are seafood or vegetables, especially pasta and soups that I learned from my grandmother. I live in a country house in Velletri, in close vicinity of Rome in the heart of the Castelli Romani.

Price: EUR 10-25/pp (depends on type of food and the wine)

Jesi, Marche Region (ITA005)

Hi, I'm a self-employed engineer in Jesi, a small town located in the Italian Region Marche.

Because of my love for cooking and traditions combined with the pleasure of meeting new people and let them know the beauty of my land, I was motivated to become a host at HomeHostedMeals.com.

My kitchen is set between tradition and innovation, I also love setting up the table with care and it is for me the greatest joy to share food with friends at home.

Price: EUR 15-25/pp

Gaggi, Eastern Sicily (ITA006) 

I am Filippo and I want start the experince to make home food for traveller. I want to offer a unique plate with sicilian food street. Good and cheap. Six pieces with one glass of local wine.

Price: EUR 15/pp

Village on the road between Pisa and Lucca (ITA007)

Ciao, my name is Annamaria. I live with my husband in a small village on the road between Pisa and Lucca (Tuscany). I love to meet people from all over the world for exchanging about each other's cultures.

We have a bio vegetable garden and we like to prepare traditional foods of mediterranean cuisine,with selected handmade or coming from our countryside ingredients. Our favorite menus are bruschetta with handmade bread and extravergine tuscany olive oil, pasta , Tuscany soups, lasagne, vegetables of our garden, including a glass of good local wine.

Price: EUR 20-25/pp


Savigliano, near Torino in Northern Italy (ITA008)

Hello, I'm Matteo Scaglione and I'm part of a family of 4 persons and I'm  the dad , me and Chiara Cinquemani ( Mum and my partner ) along with our twin two and a half years Jurij Diego and would like to give our willingness to accommodate up to four people to lunch. I'm the owner of a brewery in the winter and from June to September i manage a pool of a Hotel together with a friend and business partner , For the moment Chiara following children and in the short time that remains paints . Children make each day our cheerful home!

As for the food I'm the cook of the house, since it in life, we eat very simply but with influences of all cuisines and mainly vegetarian. Our town is tiny and full of little shops and the market is under house twice a week allows us to have products of our area and also fresh!

We look forward with pleasure, our availability is for lunch and autumn , winter and spring we eat at home in the summer we eat in the pool where I work, always with the whole family!

Price: EUR 10-15/pp

Abruzzo, close to the town of Penne (ITA009)

Tell me what you eat and I'll tell you who you are ...

Our way of thinking prompted us to consider new paths of life, thus starting a Bed and Breakfast business for Eco Travel and Ecotourism in Abruzzo, Italy, whereby tourism can be sustained by energy-saving technologies and alternative energy production, including rain water collection and treatment. It was possible to change our life.  We had to spend little, consume less, live in a place where housing is cheap and be at ease with our own effort and ingenuity. Since the day we stopped going into the office every day, living on little, we have tried to make the best use of time. We live in a very different way and we feel much better because we have many plans, many dreams we would like to try and fulfill. The time we have left is for these dreams and for ourselves, for the people we hold dear and for the people we love. Now we are living in an historic building dating from the late 18th century, carefully restored using original recycled materials found on site, with an agricultural plot of approx. 1.5 acres partially wooded with an olive grove, an orchard and an area of pasture. Our home is situated half way between the mountains and the sea and is the perfect setting for exploring Abruzzo.

For all our traditional dishes, we only use homegrown or locally produced ingredients (0Km).  All our guests are served a unique menu, which is eaten together with our family, and which is varied from day to day.  We also cater for vegetarians.  Our kitchen is not available to guests, but it is possible for those who wish to do so, to join in our family’s meals, by giving us prior warning.Sandwiches and picnic baskets can be ordered, buns can be baked in our wood burning oven and fresh eggs are available daily.

Price: EUR 10-15/pp

Small town near Firenze (ITA010)

We love our great traditional Tuscan cooking and we would like to share this enthusiastic love with the whole world. We are fond of Italian cooking  in general and we like to exchange gastronomic experiences. I share this passion with my old friend Sara and we often cook together for friends and relatives, trying old and new recipes. Our wish is to meet new friends from all over the world and to share with them our food tradition. We are available to host from 2 to 12 people, either indoor and outdoor (weather permitting ). From Monday to Sunday, lunch and dinner. We can either share meals with our guests  or take care of the service only (please, check the required option).

Guests can reach our house from Santa Maria Novella train station in Florence either by bus number 2 and 28 (20 minutes) or by train (10 minutes - get off at Sesto Fiorentino station where we can pick our guests up for free). Transportation  from and to Florence (pedestrian zone not incuded in the service) is provided on request with an additional cost of 3 (by car) or 5 (by van) euros per group.

Price: EUR 15-25/pp

Lunigiana, Pallerone (ITA011)

Mi chiamo Davide Ragozzini, vivo in Lunigiana, Pallerone. Sono vicinissimo alla Strada Statale 63 per Reggio Emilia che passa per Cerreto laghi- Siamo in aperta campagna - Sono appassionato di agricoltura sinergica - Istruttore e insegnante per pizzaioli professionisti - Scrittore e poeta (tramite google troverete i miei lavori e il mio blog) - In estate possiamo dare ospitalità a chiunque si trovi di passaggio anche con tende da campeggio in giardino e sacchi a pelo in una capanna o comunque sistemazioni sportive ma dignitose - Compost toilet all'aperto - doccia calda all'aperto - Per piccoli gruppi, su prenotazione, pizza e farinata cotta a legna, anche vegan.

Price: free

Milan (ITA012)

Hello! My name is Alexander. I’m 21and I’m a university student. I live at home with my parents,

and I inherited the passion for cooking from them! I can cook very well risotto (rice) as a traditional Italian rice sausage and porcini mushrooms, saffron risotto, risotto with zucchini and shrimp, risotto with asparagus and many others. the same goes for the pasta - but what I really love is to cook the fish and meat: grilled fish, fried cuttlefish with peas, stuffed squid, octopus and potatoes puff pastry roulade with salmon, zucchini and carrots. While for meat: breaded cutlets, cow tongue with tomato sauce and olives from Puglia, meatballs in tomato sauce and fries, the choice is yours and I will satisfy you! (dinner included in the offer homemade bread).

As far as the house will have lunch in a very cozy room with soft lighting. I will be like being at home!

Price: EUR 12-40/pp (depends on number and types of dishes)

Island of Pantelleria (ITA013)

Hi we are Linda, Gianni and our little Gea. We'd like to host people who want to share good home made meals. For our dishes we choose just the best local products that volcanic island of Pantelleria, offers.

The food you'll find is truly,genuinely, simple Italian but you won't miss flavors and perfumes of middle east Mediterranean...witch brings you in the melting pot of this place since its origins.

Ciao siamo Linda, Gianni e la piccola Gea. Ci piacerebbe ospitare persone con la voglia di condividere con noi del buon cibo di casa, amorevolmente preparato. La cucina della nostra famiglia è fatta con soli prodotti locali dell'isola vulcanica di Pantelleria, e ha carattere profondamente italiano ma non mancano i sapori mediterranei ed i profumi mediorientali che tanto caratterizzano questa terra, crogiuolo di tanti popoli e culture fin dalle sue origini.

Price: EUR 15/20pp

Turin (ITA014)

I am Elizabeth and I live in Turin, Italy, with my husband, Federico. 

Guests visiting our home could taste our traditional dishes and talk to Piedmontese people - we love our region :-)

We are travellers and we understand and appreciate when we can meet local people during our journeys.

We hope to hear from you soon.

If the our guests would like to learn how to cook a traditional dishes, we can arrange a lesson (for example: tajarin, hazelnuts cake, albese meat, tiramisù).

Price: EUR 15 -20/pp (depends on the type of food and wine)


Kibera, Nairobi (KEN001)

I am 34yrs old and live with my fiancé just outside Kibera Slums in Nairobi Kenya. We were both born, bred and we work in Kibera. Kibera has such a rich history and diverse culture with equal share of contrast. We love to make new friends and show them around especially, to the social projects that we do in Kibera. My Fiancée is such a great cook for the local food. We would like to invite you to Kibera to have a meal with us or join the girls and children at our Uwezo girl’s empowerment center.

We also organize home stays at a fee of about 14 Euros per night (bed, breakfast and dinner). While in our house, you will enjoy hot shower, sleep in double decker beds, have access to free high speed internet and enjoy the beautiful view of Kibera slums. We can also organize airport pickups at a fee of 15 euros.

So if you are looking for a true local experience, an opportunity to learn about life in Kenya, especially Kibera slums, then contact us.

Price: EUR 3/pp

Kerugoya, Kirinyaga (KEN002)

I’m 25 years a graduate in tourism management and working as operations manager of a tour firm in Kenya. I like to travel and see the world. I mostly visit national parks and cultural homesteads to get a chance to interact with the locals. I think we can share our cultural differences and get to know more about each other way of life. This is why I enjoy inviting people into my home for a meal, drink and a talk about our common world and how we see it differently.


In case of a request for a picnic or team building activity I take my guest to a lodge inside Mt Kenya forest for their life time experience.

I usually prepare traditional food like mukimo, traditional milk, because this is what most expects but I’m actually pretty good to other dishes as well.

So if you are looking for a true local experience, an opportunity to learn more about our roots in Mt Kenya region, then contact me.

Price: EUR 10/pp

Karen (outskirts of Nairobi) (KEN003)

Welcome for an adventure at our home in Karen, a quiet green & serene residential area a few kilometers from the city centre at the boundary of Nairobi national park. You will be able to experience the African culture from diverse perspectives especially because Kenya boast of 42 tribes all represented in Nairobi in one way or the other.

We are a couple with four children aged between 11years and 19years, two girls and two boys. All the kids are in school and college away from home except the 11year old but they visit during holidays. We work as a family and we all help at home to serve guests and share our stories with our guests, whom we regard as part of our family. We share the Kenyan culture and African experience in our traditions, social life and foods. Muriithi Kagai, the man of the house is particularly good at sharing the African traditions and is also rich about sharing topical issues on governance, economics and poverty in Africa. He is a well traveled development economist. At the request of a guest, we are also able to bring an African elder able to tell the stories of how things happened long time ago.


When you visit us, you will be able if willing to share with us our social life which will include joining us at a lot of our social life activities, dine with us and even share some of your best dishes and recipes in our kitchen. Our food offering is mainly African/ swahili and is too tempting to the adventurous guest. Come we enjoy African dishes and swahili dishes; Snacks - samosas, mandazi, bhajia's. Dishes - Kienyeji, Chapati, nyama Choma and many more. Also we have an African delicacy in "Ucuru wa mukio" , its a fermented maize& millet meals!! Our foods are all organic but we prepare other foods on request.

We also offer accommodation in a range of offers, budget, standard, groups or even camping on our beautiful garden.  This ranges between USD 80 for superior rooms to USD 30 for campers.

Price: USD 10-15/pp

Chogoria, Meru (KEN004)

Hi, I would like to introduce you into our humble home and share with us our food and interact with us. See how we produce and prepare our food and serve it. We also we will be glad to learn from you too. Our home is three hour drive from the capital city. As you drive feel the fresh air away from the hurry and shove of the city. You will be driving through farmlands mainly rice paddies, coffee, tea, millet, maize and many more.

As you near Meru you feel the air of the mountain. Green everywhere and welcoming. This is where our home is. A timber five roomed house. We live with our two grandchildren aged 2 and 7years. Sometimes our daughters and son comes to visit us when they are on holiday. And this makes our meals more enjoyable as we share and they comes with new ingredients.


You will enjoy our traditional food like Irio which is is corn mixed with beans and mashed together with potatoes, Rumonde, this is a delicacy here made of potatoes and bananas. There is also traditional brews and drinks. As we sit to eat either in the dining room or just outside siting on the grass we sometimes have story telling. The evenings we can have story telling. Yes those funny stories of “’once upon a time”’ and when the story teller is ending the story he decide to say” and they happily live ever after!.

To make your stay more enjoyable you can stroll and visit the farms. Or We can organize a trip to Mount Kenya and Meru National Park at an extra fee.

Come and enjoy with us.

Price: USD 40/pp (full day)

Nairobi (KEN005)

We are a group of hospitality students at the Technical University of Kenya and we hope to share our experiences and learn from other cultures.

There are a lot of students ready to meet new pals so we can interact and share life experiences and learn from each other. This will go a long way to help the hospitality students understand culturally practices around the world better and facilitate their education

We have a kitchen within the school offering mainly local cuisine from out local cultures with a blend of international taste. We offer both a four course and three course meals. You get to meet people from all cultures here where we share our experiences it’s both entertaining and very cheap as most of the cost is catered for by the school. We offer a platform to relate with the outside world as we expand our culinary experience and menu

Price: USD 10-15/pp

Oyugis, Homabay County (KEN006)

My name is Lucy, I live in a rural town, south west Kenya. I live with my two young babies (5 years and two years), with a nanny. The area where I live is ideal for it’s natural and cultural attractions. The area is inhabited predominantly by the Luo People, who boast a number of cultural artists . They are hospitable, and visitors in the area will enjoy their nice "Ohangla" music.

As my guests you can share meals with me and you will experience our local culture. You can also participate in the preparation of our staple food, which is Ugali (made from corn flour), served with delicious fish from the nearby Lake Victoria. You can also take part in other chores in the homestead if you want.

During your stay in Oyugis you can go on tours to nearby attractions, which include the scenic Lake Victoria, which is shared amongst three countries; Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. A visit to the nearby Ruma National Park will also be a chance to catch a glimpse of the Roan Antelopes. The "Simbi Nyaima", which means the Sunken Village in Luo language is also a site worth visiting. Simbi Nyaima is actually a crater lake, of cultural importance to Luo people, who attach a legendary history to it.

Price: USD 20/pp (including a night’s stay if you want)

Nairobi (KEN007)

I and my family based near Nairobi Kenya would prefer people from all parts of the world mostly couples and student groups. In my family we are a three but family grows bigger since I host some kids from a sports program I sponsor for kids.

An option of having a meal with many village kids and playing games such as soccer, baseball, chess and running could be arranged. Visiting and having a meal with kids in a public school at an extra cost depending on kids involved. I am a tour operator and a sports promoter, my wife is a trainer in Organic Agriculture and my soon a college student is a Nutritionist.

The meals in my home consist of organically home grown traditional African foods.

Price: USD 25-40/pp


Osh (KYR001)

Osh,the second biggest city of hospitable Kyrgyzstan is here to host you. We are kyrgyz family happy to welcome anyone willing to taste our traditional cuisine : beginning from maksym - our national beverage with sourish taste , up to  beshbarmak (literally "five fingers") -meat, noodles and onions with broth.

Due to our nomadic past food is heavily meat and bread based,but other meals adopted from central asian nations can be prepared as well.The usual  dinner of a regular family in Kyrgyzstan  is serviced with soup and main food,while there are salads,dried fruits,nuts,fresh fruits,cookies,candies and tea (of course) on the table the whole dinner time.Kyrgyz cuisine is hearty, tasty, and made to satisfy even the hungriest of people.But a "lighter" dinner is possible surely :)

We can show you our city,go to local cafes and restaurants to advice you to taste something special,visit bazaar (yes,we still have it) where fresh organic fruits don't cost more than 2$ .There is so much to discover!

Instead of paying us for the meal at our house, we welcome you to donate the same amount to Children’s

Future NGO (www.kyrgyzchildrensfuture.org/donate).

Price: USD 10-29 (depending on menu. Children are free)


Riga (LAT001)

Hello from Latvia!

We are a young couple Inese & Ojars. We live in a lovely apartment near Riga. Just 15 minutes driving from Riga City center and you will arrive in a quiet and lovely green village near a small lake.

We love traveling, sport activities and meeting people from all over the world – so you will be very welcome to traditional Latvian dinner in our home.

I love cooking. I delight in cooking of simple, traditional Latvian homemade food. All products I use for my meals are coming from Latvian organic farming.

If you prefer vegetarian life style – I can cook great vegetarian meals (we can deal about it before you coming).

Example for traditional Latvian dinner:

Appetizer  - Latvian black bread (you can try this only in LatviaJ) with  cottage cheese and Baltic sea herring or vegetables cream soup  with black bread and garlic toasts;

Main course – potato pancakes with sour cream or oven baked potatoes with meatballs and fresh or baked  seasonal vegetables;

Desert -  Black bread soup  with whipped cream or cranberry mousse with vanilla sauce.

We also offer a drinks – homemade juice or homemade wine from Latvian berries.

You are very welcome to our house for a delicious traditional meal and having wonderful time together. We can also give advises and suggest great places to visit during your trip in Latvia :-)

We can offer a dinner for 2- 6 people.

Price: EUR 30-35/pp


Monrovia (LIB001)

The host family is Kpelleh by ethnicity, from Bong County region in Liberia, West Africa.

Mr. Kollie is head of the family, and a corporal within the, Legal Section of the Military Police Division, National Armed Forces of the Republic of Liberia. He is married with 2 kids who together reside at the proposed host residence located bordering the Atlantic Ocean, along the Roberts International Airport Highway, the only International Airport currently in Liberia.

Mr. Kollie spent some years in New York, USA with the rest of his family, parents and siblings during Liberia's troubled years. The rest of the Kollie's family still lives in New York, including his 1st son, who lives there with his American mom.

As administrative head of the family at home, Mr. Kollie also hosts' regular family gathering at his beach home, which is also being developed into a private beach estate.

The Kollie's being Kpelleh's speak fluent Kpelleh, a Liberian language thaught at the State University of Liberia. The Kpelleh ethnic people are mostly farmers by occupation, however, many are also artisans. There is a lot of folktale and folklores which originate with the Kpelleh people...

Overnight in-yard camping space available if you bring your own tent.

Price: USD 15-30/pp


Antananarivo (MAD001)

Hello my name's Luc and I would like to invite guests for dinner in my home. I'm Malagasy and I can host a guest for a dinner and you know malagasy culinary.

I do not offer high-standard of meal, I only offer what a simple family eat at diner.

Price: EUR 5/pp


Kuala Lumpur (MAY001)

Hi travelers. Im a City Tour Guide in my city Kuala Lumpur, and I’m also a scuba padi diver coordinator. So if you are looking for some experiences about Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia, I guess I’m the one. I’m 34 years old, Malaysian origin, living in 3 room apartment with one other person.

I’m interested in meering travelers since I’ve been traveling for more than 20 years. I’ve hosted up to more 500 people in my place and also meet more than that. I love a good friendship , and a good conversation. Sometime I travel somewhere - to the beach or an island or another city. You are welcome.. I’d be happy to offer to take you around my city sometime if I’m free.

When dining with me will start off by having a cold beer or a glass of tasty wine at my house and then we’ll go to the club or rooftop bare to have a Beer or some city night out. Dinner meal/include vodka or wisky cocktail on the house. Welcome only Adult or Couple. Range age from 17 to 55 years old, Male or Female. Write to me and don’t be shy!

Price: MYR 10/pp

Kuching, Sarawak (MAY002)

I am a Asian, Chinese by race and i am from Kuching, Sarawak, in which in the olden time, most country known us by Borneo in name.  With home hosted meals, i would like to share my cooking which i learned from my grandmother and other friends.  I love to create new food.

We share our food culture, people’s culture, story of food from the multi-races of people in Sarawak.  Guests will have the experience of shopping with the host to learn the different types of local vegetables and garden local herbs.

We like to cook hand-in-hand to lean and exchange the different type of food from us and also from our guests.  Fusion food, western food, local food, ethnic food, Indian, Chinese and many more types of food where we all share, learn and exchange. 

Serving can be done, sitting on the floor for the ethnic local food or serving on table, course by course. I love creating new food from all the guests.

Price: MYR 6-50/pp (depends on type and number of dishes)

Semenyih, close to Kuala Lumpur (MAY003)

We are a Malaysian family who lived in Semenyih, approximately 40minits south of Kuala Lumpur – the capital of Malaysia. .We are a vegan family, I've chosen dishes that are both satisfying and enjoyable for vegans or meat eaters and for everyone that loves good food. 90% of the ingredients we use will be organic.

We like to prepare features dishes from a rich fusion of diverse cultures, predominantly Malay, Chinese, Indian for our guests so that they may know what Malaysian cuisine is all about.

Price: MYR 50/pp


Mexico City (MEX001)

I live with my family in one of the biggest cities in the world. I’m a bus driver so I’m very often on the road. I see that many tourists come to my country to see our beautiful ruins and natural wonders, but only very few actually get to see how we Mexicans live. I like to invite guests to my home in order to show them how I live with my family and to talk about how it is to live in Mexico. You should feel free to ask as many questions that you like and I might also ask to your life.

We will prepare a traditional Mexican meal for you and tell you all about the ingredients that we like to use. If you like you can even come into the kitchen and help prepare the meal.

Price: MXN 160/pp (children MXN 50)

Oaxaca (MEX002)

We are a Mexican/Danish couple living in Oaxaca, one of the most beautiful and well known colonial cities in Mexico. We both work as guides around the country and therefore we travel a lot to different sites in Mexico to tell about the Pre Hispanic Cultures. We like to tell about the civilizations that have lived here – and whose antecedents still do. We like to invite guests to our own home to show them how ordinary people in Mexico live and to give a deeper insight into Mexican culture and society.

Mexican food is so rich in flavor and especially the delicious moles of Oaxaca are well known.

Price: MXN 160/pp (children half price)

Los Cabos, Baja California (MEX003)

Hi, i live in Los Cabos, on the Baja California Peninsula. It’s a touristic region and it’s better if you know local people if you want to find a good place to eat. I live alone and I’m a editor for a Surf Magazine in México. If you are around here, it would be great to share my table with you. My place is small, so one or two people are ok and I can recommend you activities around Los Cabos

I cook a lot of homemade food, like ceviche, enchiladas, and typical Mexican food.

Price:  Bring the wine and I’ll provide the food. :)

Puerto Vallarta(MEX004)

Hi , my name is Helen & I live in Puerto Vallarta . I am originally from Los Angeles & have visited PV for many years . I invite you to enjoy the fresh flavors of Mexico with a visit to local produce market , carnerceria ( butcher) or Pescaderia ( fish monger) as we prepare a meal together . You may also just give me a preference and your meal will be prepped and cooked by me as we enjoy chatting about the local life here in Puerto Vallarta. I like to cook a little fusion adding a touch of Asian flavors to Mexican cuisine.

Create a Beautiful Day!

Price: MXN 200/pp (children under 6 yrs free. 6 people max)


Marrakech (MOR001)

We invite you to visit one of the most beautiful countries in North Africa - Morocco, Enjoy food and culture, and to learn the specifics of this beautiful country. Morocco is a country of contrasts that will not leave anyone indifferent. The heat of the sun could compete hospitality of the Moroccans. You will discover a extra ordinary people, symbols of a cultural and architectural richness.

Tajine is one of the famous and must popular dishes in Morocco. It is full of vegetables and meat slow cooked over an open flame. I invite you to join me in my home for an authentic dining experience. I will take you to the local market where we will buy the ingredients that you like for the Tajine. Then, we will cook the Tajine together while we drink mint tea. No meal would be complete without a dessert tray of fresh fruit and of course, more mint tea.

Price: dh 180/pp

Aourir, close to Agadir (MOR002)

Hello dear guests. I'm Tarik I'm from Aourir, it's a town 10 km North of Agadir, which is in the South of Morocco. I'm living with my family in a house and we can host three or four guests.

I will be happy to host you.  So for the food you can find in my home; Vegetable Tagine, Vegetable Couscous and other foods.

I don't make a price for it because I just want to learn languages. So I'm waiting and you're welcome to my place.

Price: none (maybe a gift)


Maputo (MOZ001)

Hi, all of you! I am Cecília, living in Maputo, capital city of Mozambique. I'm working in Rural Tourism area in Maputo, and I am interested in sharing my live with people from all over the world.

When people visit my place, my local community, or my country, they can enjoy marvelous cultural and good people. The beaches and natural areas are our great attractive. All visitors around the world, are well come to Mozambique.

So the prices of meals are very cheap.

Price: Free


Swakopmund (NAB001)

Hi, my name is Rykie. I live in Swakopmund, Namibia. I’m unemployed but I’ve worked in the food industry for quite some time. I live in a two bedroom apartment with security and we got a lovely BBQ (braai) area. I have a 14 year old and her brother.

I offer traditional Namibian barbeque, Dutch style homemade meals, hot and cold buffets, lunches and dinners at my home or even in the Sand Dunes or for a sunset at the beach.

Swakopmund are a lovely holiday destination - looking forward hearing from you.

Price: NAD 250/pp


Kathmandu (NEP001)

Welcome in my home. We are living here, my wife and I together with our son. I am very interested in social activities so I belong to many organization and I’m doing my best to support the community and to motivate the people for social causes.


I would like you to experience Nepali way of life and our traditional food of Sherpa, Newari & Nepal. I you like we can prepare it together and then afterwards enjoy it together.


We hope to have fun together and exchange our views on life and experiences.. and make good friendship.

Price: USD 15/pp for dinner (Lunch, USD 10/pp)

Kathmandu (NEP002)

You are most welcome in our home. We have started Home Stay in Kathmandu, Nepal. You can learn how Nepalese family live together unlike in the western culture. We will offer your Nepalese food, cooked by us, you would learn basic Nepalese language as well. You will see our Village and old tradition people follow. People follow old custom, that is fast disappearing. When you are with me, We can also assist you to plan your travel / trekking around and outside the valley. We have 4.5 storey high building with a view tower at the top, so that you can view majestic Kathmandu Valley. If you like, it’s also possible to spend the night in private room.

Price: EUR 2-3.5/pp

Kathmandu (NEP003)

Do you want to stay with Nepali family in a Nepali home in Kathmandu and learn different aspects of Nepali life? Learn cooking Nepali food, do yoga and meditation, learn Nepali language, ask question on Nepali way of life, Hindu and Buddhist spiritual tradition, marriage systems, myths, status of women, education system etc with local experts and make your Nepal stay memorable. You are invited to join Nepal cooking class. You will be able to make Nepali recipes, know about spices etc during this short program. You can join a day program for four to six hours or you can join a night stay program which is more recommended.

You will learn to make some famous Nepali dishes like daal bhat (rice, curry, lentils, pickles, mutton curry or chicken), mo mo (dumplings), Tibetan bread, alu paratha, pakauda, sel roti (nepali donout) and taste them. The major Nepali meal is daal bhat most of the people eat mostly all year.

Sangita and Sapana will teach you Nepali cooking. Sangita is 26 year old. She completed her master’s from university in Kathmandu in health science. She simply loves cooking. She is good at making major Nepali foods like mushroom choila, vegetable momo, goat curry, palak paneer. Her hands are magical and when she cooks with attention, the food becomes finger licking.

Sapana is bachelor in science. She is always smiling and welcoming. She entertains you with jokes and tales during your cooking class. Our kitchen is under hygienic condition. All the used ingredients are organic. No use of artificial chemicals. The real food cooked well tastes better and good for health. Please visit third eye volunteer home to learn Nepali cooking class.

Price: USD 15/pp (one day cooking class)


Amsterdam (HOL001)

I am a vegan feminist in my late 20s. I am now living in Amsterdam, but I have lived in Romania most of my life, the rest in Bulgaria, Greece and Massachusetts. I love travelling and running and eating dark chocolate. Not all at the same time :)

I am on the healthy side of cooking, so I am into brown rice and lentils as well into salads and homesprouted stuff. I also love desserts, but I am very bad at making them. If we share a meal, I may be alone or with my hippie laid back flatmate or with my sweet socially awkward partner.

I live rather low cost, so the meal won´t be much. Maybe we can just share the grocery costs.

Price: EUR 5-10/pp

Groningen (HOL002)

Heja! You are welcome to have breakfast/lunch/afternoon tea/dinner at my place! I live in a big old building (used to be a hospital, then was squatted, and is now a "normal" living place) with many people around. I am definitely not the best cook, but I will try to learn more, so if you want to, we can also prepare the food together. A lot of times, it is funnier that way anyway. But it's up to you. I will cook vegeterian food, also vegan if wanted. So, if you should be around in lovely Groningen and are up to have a nice time hanging around and eating, let me know :)

Price: EUR 5/pp

Amsterdam (HOL003)

Be welcome in our small Amsterdam apartment to share a meal! We are Mark and Esther, and we live quite central, close to the Albert Cuyp Market. We love meeting people and to share a meal together. We have been traveling a lot over the last years, and our best experiences have been getting together with locals, we'd like to give back now. At the moment we are staying in The Netherlands, Esther's home country. Mark is an Australian, so we are an international couple.

However we would love to prepare a traditional Dutch meal for you, like stamppot for dinner, which is basically mashed potatoes with a vegetable like kale, sauerkraut or endive, served with a smoked sausage. If you are a vegetarian or just not into stamppot we'll happily prepare something else. If you'd like to come over for lunch, you can try a wide selection of spreads and sprinkles on bread, just check out the supermarket, the Dutch have so many things they'd like to put on their bread, especially the peanut butter is amazing, so if you'd like to try some...!

Price: EUR 5/pp

Groningen (HOL004)

Hi, my name is Marco and you are welcome to have a meal in my house! I was born and lived in Italy until a few years ago I decided to move to Groningen to follow a bachelor's course. I can cook for you a variety of Italians dishes and on request also other international dishes. I'm not a chef, but I love to eat well.

I live in an apartment situated in the center of Groningen, just few minutes away from the major centers of interest of the city. The city is full of students with a vibrant night life, also bagging the title of youngest city in Europe. I can be your guide for a tour in Groningen or I can arrange to lend you a bicycle, in order to facilitate the tour of the city.

Whether you are looking for a night of fun in the city or for a stroll through the city's canals visiting a museum or the university facilities, it doesn’t matter, because you'll decide everything during the meal.

I also organize home stays if you are interested.

Price: EUR 15-20/pp

Deventer (HOL005)

I’m Claire, a happy mom of two kids. I live in Deventer, the Netherlands, it’s a very old authentic city in the east of Holland.

It has just been choosing as the greenest city of all Europe! Lots of reasons to come and join my town for a visit.

I work, so I need to know in a couple of days in advance if you come to join us for dinner.

We like to eat together with other groups,so my house is often filled with kids and joy.

You are very much welcome to bring your own!

Depending on the season, I will cook a traditional dutch dinner for you. In winter times this will mean a “stew” lots of potatoes and veggies. All the food we eat is organically grown. On tuesdays there is a market in front of my door, if it is possible we go together shopping for dinner!

We most of the time eat vegetarian, or if we do eat meat it will be organic. We also eat a lot of fish.

You can also join for tea time. I will bake a typical dutch pie, and i will tell you all about dutch traditions!

Price: EUR 15/pp (kids are half price, till 2 years old they can eat for free)

New Zealand

Rotorua, North Island (NZL001)

I have been Home Hosting dinners for a few years now. I provide a 3 course dinner in my home for between 4-8 guests, but mostly I prefer 6-8 guests.  My dinners  consist of an entree of green lip seafood mussels,  main meal of chicken, fresh green salads, fresh vegetables,  roast veges and other winter/summer vegetables.   Desert is usually trifle, pavlova or bread pudding.  However, for refreshment it is BYO, (alcoholic or non). 

I provide my guests with local knowledge about my people and my tribe, Te Arawa.  I share the stories of Maori, their traditions, culture and their art forms with regard to the world stage. My guests enjoy coming to my home, because I am usually the first Maori they meet, and they thoroughly enjoy asking questions and eating a traditional Maori family meal.

I like taking my guests for a ride in our family Traditional Maori Waka (wooden canoe).

I conclude the evening with a song called Pokarekare Ana, as I live on the lakeshore of Lake Rotorua.

Price: NZD 120/pp

Rotorua, North Island (NZL002)

Kia Ora, we are a Maori couple from Rotorua who enjoy hosting people in our home. Come dine with us and experience a 3course Geo Thermal cooked meal. Watch as we pull the food from a steaming vent in the ground and blanche Green Lipped Mussels in a hot mineral pool for entrée. Geo thermal cooked chicken, beef, and a selection of seasonal veg with bread stuffing and gravy.

Dessert is Steamed Pudding with cream and seasonal fruit to compliment your dining experience Byo is welcome.

Our interests include guiding, golf, tennis, cue sport, rugby.



Price: NZD  99/pp (families please enquire)


Managua (NIC001)

I’m a Danish woman living with my son in Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. I have lived and worked in many different places in Latin America and I will probably live in many more in the years to come. I may not be your typical Nicaraguan experience, but I can give you an insight to Nicaraguan/Latin American life and society as well as a European’s perspective on it.  I’m always ready for a good discussion on international relations and I love how people’s different cultural background can add to the discussion.

I will prepare a traditional Nicaraguan meal (or if you prefer traditional Danish this can be arranged as well).

Price: NIO 450/pp (children NIO 220) 

La Paz Centro, 30 min from Managua (NIC002)

If you want to see how we Nicaraguan live, then come and have a meal at my place. I’m proud of my country and I love telling foreigners about our rich traditions and history. Although my country is among the poorest on the continent we are still some the happiest people on earth and this is what I like to tell people who come and visit Nicaragua. I like to discuss international affairs and the situation in Central America but if you’re more into learning about our music and cultural inheritance then this is also a topic which I like to talk about.

I will serve you a tasty and filling typical Nicaraguan meal.

Price: NIO 450/pp


Lagos (NIG001)

I’m a male. I stay alone for in the outskirts of Lagos with two rooms and a living room. I’m into tourism and entertainment business – I publish magazines and I do a talk show on TV and radio. I also produce films and other things.

I like to cook Eba and Amala-Cassava food with stew, and Joll of Rice with Meat or Kitchen.

Price: USD 10/pp


Karachi (PAK001)

Hi there, hope its fine. I’m Akhtar Hussain from Karachi, Pakistan and I am male 31 years of age. I am interested to be host from home made meals. We can serve traditional Pakistani food to our guests in befitting manner.


Warm regards

Price: -


San Carlos/El Palmar (PAN001)

We are a Danish-Peruvian couple living at the beach 100 km from Panama City towards Costa Rica (1 km from the Pan-American Highway). I am rather knowledgeable about indigenous people issues and my wife is a professional singer and cook. Maybe you are lucky and dump by a date with a concert of hers in the area.

Stopping here lets you enjoy the Peruvian cuisine rather than the poor Panamanian, gives you a chance to surf with our sub 14 surf champion daughter and to get some good advises for rare destinations in most of Central- and South America. I used to run an adventure travel agency.We can also offer accommodation (dbl/sgl) and even a sailing yacht cruise to Pearl Island on our 37 ft. sailing yacht.

Meals include drinks (beer, wine, pisco sour).

Price: USD 30/pp (Kids price depends on appetite)


Lima (PER001)

We live in one of the Southern suburbs of Lima approximately 20 minutes in a taxi from Miraflores. I think you could describe us as a typical urban Peruvian family – if such a thing exists since Peru is a very large country with many different cultures, ethnicities and lifestyles. We like to have guests in our home because we like to talk with people from different cultural backgrounds and different viewpoints that our own. We enjoy discussing international relations and global changes.

We will prepare a traditional Peruvian dinner or lunch, which we can enjoy together in our home.

Price: PEN 40/pp (children half price)

Lima (PER002)

We live at a small but friendly apartment in Pueblo Libre, a calm district located 20 minutes from the airport in Lima. We enjoy cooking our traditional food and some desserts and going for walks on places nearby.

We are very interested in sharing our different cultural experiences and backgrounds with guests from any part of the world. We are so avaible to assist anybody who is interested in getting to know our city and enjoying the best of it.

In addition to this, as we know that Cusco is one of most interesting cities in our country to visit and we have strong family bones to that city, we offer you the chance to contact our relatives in Cusco in order to reach you and help you with all the things you might need for your journey, from lodging to experienced-based turism in one of our places in an small town inside Cusco. Guess this might be such a wonderful experience to share our different cultures.

We can prepare traditional meals like Lomo Saltado, Arroz con pollo, Escabeche de pescado o pollo, Papa a la huancaina, Causa rellena or Ají de gallina which ever you prefer.

Price: PEN 35/pp

Arequipa (PER003)

We would like to host! We're a couple from the UK and Philippines who met in Laos after deciding to quit our corporate jobs in Europe and the Middle East. We've been on the road for 16 months now, traveling and working in South East Asia, India and holidays in the UK and Maldives but now we're currently based in Arequipa, Southern Peru and planning to stay here for 2 years while we travel around South America.

We're both certified Tantra Yoga teachers, TEFL English teachers and Ayurvedic massage therapists! It's been an amazing year so far and we're sure it's only going to get better, more exciting and fulfilling over the next two years.

We would like to host any travellers alike who would like to experience the expat life. We will be preparing a fusion of Asian and European foods so we prefer if the guests will tell us if they are vegetarian or they like meat dishes. Our house is located 2 minutes from the famous Plaza Yanahuara viewpoint therefore we can also show the guest/s around after the lunch/dinner.

The price: PEN 50/pp (includes the drinks (with wine), 2 main course and dessert)


Manila, island of Luzon (PHI001)

I live and work as an expat in Manila, but I’m from Europe. I like to give travelers the opportunity to get an insight to my life her in The Philippines because I think that many would find it interesting to see how one lives as a foreigner here, and because my view points on The Pilipino society may differ significantly from a local’s viewpoints – maybe because I see The Philippines in a context due to my own background and knowledge of the rest of the world. I will also give you an insight to all the wonderful places in Manila and in the rest of the country.

I like to prepare a fusion between Asian and European dishes, but if you have any special request then let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Price: PHP 800/pp

Quezon City, island of Luzon (PHI002)

Hi I am Ana, 22 and love to introduce traditional food of our country such as sinigang and adobo some of our local delicacies. My mom and Aunt cooking is great. I am living with my parents and some siblings, we are one large family who ate all together at the same time shared some laughter, and we eat using our bear-hands we are happy even we are not rich and bear with my nieces and nephews they are a bunch of lil cute devil but still sweet. We can't accommodate you overnight but a day i think is enough to get to know your cultures as well as ours.


PHP 300/pp

Alcoy, island of Cebu (PHI003)

I'm a mom of who lives in southern part of the island of Cebu, in the country side, only minutes from the beach. For work I have coordinated adventure tours for visitors to our beautiful island  for a year now. I would love to have guest from all over the world so they can experience what filipino hospitality is like. I’ll be happy to arrange a wonderful meal seafood or filipino style meal, depending on what you like. And if you are interested I’ll show you my hometown of Alcoy. Hope to hear from you soon.

Price: PHP 700/pp

Padre Garcia, close to Batangas City, island of Luzon (PHI004)

Our farm is a small family farm. We enjoy sharing our family farm with people interested to experience a life away from the metropolitan cities of the Philippines.  Our family advocates farm to fork ideas; so expect creative uses of our farm products when sharing meals with us in the farm. We conduct agritourism events in our small family farm occasionally. It is our belief that agritourism is one way to keep small family farm stay in agriculture. That is the reason why our small family farm is one of active mover in the promotion of agritourism in the Philippines.  Our farm is accredited by the Philippines’ Department of Tourism as a farm site destination.


We offer a farm-type accommodation and even camping out style. When you come for a visit, we can also help tour you around other farm destination in Batangas province, where we are located. If you prefer to visit nearby beaches and resorts, our farm family staff can help arrange those trips for you.


As an American family living in the Philippines for an extended stay, discovering local food is a delight!  Local chefs work with us in developing recipes to help promote use of traditional crops and produce in the farm.   We also help other small farm owners in developing farm products by teaching them the basics of food preservation. So expect to taste our jams and jellies made from our freshly harvested fruits from our farm and nearby farms.  We do not grow our farm produce on commercial scale but more for our network of friends, family and supporters.

If it interests you to learn how more about recipes for our jams and jelly, traditional vinegar making and more, let us know ahead of time, so we can arrange some lessons for you right in our farm.  Our farm kitchen studio is always ready for agriculinary events!


Price: USD 15-35/pp (Dinner)


Pesteana, close to the town of Hateg (ROM001)

Wooden house in Transylvania

I’m a 38 old guy, use to travel a lot, in the last 6 years, around Africa, Asia, North, Central and South America. I’m living for the southern summer in Uruguay and for the northern summer in this beautiful Romanian country side area, where I grew up and I was born on the Hateg Country.

I can spend a lot of time with my guest, since the only work I have for the summer is to maintain the house.

We can do bicycle trips, the area is full of historical sites, castles, old churches, dinosaurs parks, traditional villages and museums.

You can taste the Romanian traditional and organic food, homemade gems, and drinks. We can cook bread and visit for the dinner or lunch the friendly local neighbors witch will be glad to share them hospitality.

I have a small cozy wooden house with a big garden. I live alone in this lovely wooden house, next to a river and having the hills as a back yard. I have two friendly dogs and a cat and a small organic farm.     

I can host up to 5 people. Lodging is also a possibility.

Price: EUR 10/pp

Reunion Island

Cilaos Cirque (REU001)

Hi, I'm Pridhip. I am born in South India and I live in Reunion island with my wife, Lili from France. I learned with my mother how to prepare spice blends and how to cook South indian flavors. My wife cooks island cuisine, she like exotic and tropical menus! Both we are adepts of slow food and slow travel. Reunion is a small island, only 20 minute flight from Mauritius. The island has an incredible volcano and we live in a small village in a caldera! Come and join us for a meal or a outdoors diner with panoramic view on Cilaos Cirque.

Indian, island and creole menus are possible and we can offer local rum tasting. 

From 2 to 6 guests maximum.

Price: EUR 80/pp (including all beverages)


The Isle of Bute (SCO001)

We've retired (early) to a Scottish Island - The Isle of Bute, in the council area of Argyll and Bute, West of Glasgow. It’s only 40 minutes by train and 35minutes by MacBraynes Ferry and you're there. We love the outdoors and there are some interesting Island walks close to our house.

Love to host traditional British or Scottish meals in our sea view house. Fresh fish fantastic. Pies and puddings a must.

Price: GBP 20/pp (Children (under 12), GBP 5)

Anstruther, East Neuk, FIFE (SCO002)

I am a host by nature; I love welcoming people in to my home, hearing stories about life's travels & cultures. I am also passionate about cooking and sharing food, for me it is a sacred act and one which unifies people from all backgrounds and countries. Something in the sharing of food is a magical experience for me.

Over the years I have hosted many home-stay guests from around the globe, sharing food, stories and time with people has been humbling, exciting, interesting, enlightening and grounding.

I love cooking vegetarian meals, with influences from around the world, using many spices and lots of love. I also ran a Spanish vegetarian tapas bar/restaurant for a while in Granada, Spain. I lived and loved in Spain for eleven years in total, so all things Hispanic intrigue me. I speak fluent-ish Spanish.

You would be sharing the table with me. I have two cats that live with me, Estrella & Tito, but they don't come to the table ;-)

I am happy to cook for and share a meal with up to four people. Children are very welcome. If there is a particular type of food you would love to try then let me know, otherwise it will be a vegetarian surprise.

I live in an old, converted fishermans house on the beautiful east coast of Scotland, close to St Andrews, and with ferry trips daily in the summer out to the Isle of May. This is a beautiful area for walking, photography, artists, nature lovers and people looking for peace and tranquility. I also offer home-stay for guests (up to three)  please ask me for details. The house is a double upper flat close to the harbour.

As part of living in a gift economy, I will only charge for the ingredients of the meal and IF you enjoy the meal and the experience, you are invited to leave me a gift. You chose the price.

Price: GBP 20/pp (for two courses, GBP 25 for three course, children under 10 half price)


Belgrade (SER001)

I'm from Belgrade, where I currently live, but I used to live in Tokyo, Japan for 7 years (and several other places).  I'm fluent in English, can also speak some Spanish, German and Japanese.

I'm running a small taxi&consierge service here in Belgrade so I can arrange basically anything the guest need regarding transportation, from transfer from&to the airport, to custom sightseeing tours.

I also have a spare room with double bed in my apartment that I can rent.

My mother is a professional cook so all Serbian national dishes are on the menu, and a few foreign ones.

Price: EUR 4-12/pp (both cheap eats and high end meals)


Bratislava (SLO001)

Hi there! I'm Albert, a 26-year-old spaniard living in Bratislava for this summer (2014). I love cooking (and eating!, of course) and sharing a good chat after meal is one of my favorite things, (you know, is quite a common habit in my home country). I'm studying architecture and I love to travel and meet people from other countries!

So if you're in the mood, we could meet for cooking something together with my flatmates (they're all foreigners in Bratislava, so we have a little bit of every part of Europe in our flat) or going on a picnic in any of the parks around the city!

BTW, I don't have any problems with food, that means I eat everything so everyone is welcome (vegetarians, vegans, whoever!).

See you in Bratislava!

Price: Free (It would be great if you could bring some drink or dessert! :D) - max: 2-3 people at the flat!


Ljubljana (SLV001)

Hi, we are a Slovenian family with three teenagers and a golden retriver. We like travelling and we like to meet people from all around the world. We like to host guests in our simple home almost in the center of the capital Ljubljana. We have also a small garden where we prepare picnics. Guests are invited to join us anytime: for lunch or dinner. We can do some shopping together on our local market and you can join us with food preparation as well.

We prepare food for meat eaters as well as vegetarians, just express your wishes. We like to eat Slovenian food as well as international. Do you fancy a typical slovenian Sunday lunch? What about grilled meat? Welcome!

Price: EUR 10-20/pp

Izola (SLV002)

»You are what you eat« is our motto. We are a young couple from Izola, small town by the sea. We like to practice yoga, cooking, dancing, gardening, tai-chi and origami. We both like to enjoy good food, cycling, music, mostly we love the sea. We cook macrobiotic. Macrobiotics is not just a diet, but a way of life.

Most of the ingredients are organic. Vegetables, cereals and fruit is locally grown. Food is without white flour, sugar or dairy products..

We live in a house with a small garden. In spring and summer we can prepare picnic outside.

You can cook with us and explore…Join us.

Price: EUR 10-30/pp

South Africa

Cape Town (SAF001)

Cape Town is becoming more the destination of choice for many travellers. We are blessed to have the natural beauty of the mountains, the sea and the diverse vegetation, known as “Fynbos”. A visit to Cape Town is not complete without getting to experience the culture and cuisine of its people. My family has lived in Cape Town for all our lives, and during our childhood have experienced the challenges of “Apartheid”, and we are now experiencing the growing pains of our new democracy. As a tourist guide I am often asked about South African history and for recommendations on South African cuisine, so why not come an enjoy both first hand.


We will prepare a traditional dish for dinner, but we are also open to suggestions from our guests.


Price: Starting at ZAR 100/pp

Pretoria (SAF002)

I have been working as a national tourist guide since 1993 and I’d love to host overseas visitors at my home. My partner is retired and I want to travel less extensively because it takes me away from home but I still want to meet and entertain new people from across the globe. We have a lovely small farm not far from the airport and offer either a breakfast or lunch for our visitors.

Breakfast comprises of fruit, museli, yoghurt, coffee, orange juice, toast and then eggs/bacon/ sausage on request. In summer it will be served on the verandah outside. Lunch is traditional South African braai (Barbecue) with beef sausage and salads.

I have been a guide for many years and know the needs of the guests. I can even assist with an information centre and recommendations for tours accommodation etc. We have extra spare bedrooms if guests arrive late from flights. We are not a guesthouse or hotel but family welcoming guests from overseas. It is only my partner and I on the farm. I speak German as well.

Price: EUR 10/pp

Betty’s Bay, Cape Town (SAF003)

We are a family of 5: 3 of whom experienced Apartheid and 2 bornfree sons. South African by birth. We value diversity and we would welcome up to 20 people to share the meals and our past  experiences at the table.

Situated in Betty’s Bay Cape Town, the most beautiful city in South Africa. Being a Tourist Destination, We specialize in valueing cultural diversity, and would love learning about you and your country too.


We are situated underneath the Hottentots Holland Mountains nestled between the diverse Fynbos species (seven wonders of the world) and wildlife. 5 minutes away from our Blue Flagged Beaches. Because we are a Host Home, we are able to provide an overnight stay should you arrive late.

Enjoy Home away from Home with us! A lovely homely South African Family! Who would make you feel at home, cosy, comfortable, lovely views and large gardens.  Enough room for all to enjoy.

Our guests are more than welcome to enjoy and experience a grocery shopping spree with us. After breakfast/ lunch we will take you to see the penguins which live about 10 minutes away from where we reside.


Breakfast comprises of the following:       yogurt, coffee, orange juice, traditional South African porridges, toast, eggs, sausage, bacon and fruit. During summer we serve outside meals. Lunch: Traditional South African Braai (barbeque), which comprises of sausage, chicken, chops, salads and rolls/bread or Potjiekos (Traditional Meal). Trotters and Tripe Curry /Cape Malay Curry and Brijani

Price: ZAR 100-180 (Breakfast or Lunch depending on choice)

Johannesburg, Kensington (SAF004)

My name is Noji Gaylard; I own a 103 year old house in Johannesburg (Kensington). I live with my husband; and our 3 kids (ages 21; 12 and 4). I have been running a catering venture for 4 years and have hosted and catered for numerous local and international guests during this period.

My food is a combination of South African staples and delectables, seasonal veggies, salad leaves, fruits, home baked breads, sweets and international favourites and flavours. We have a herb garden and the food is fresh, clean, delicious & soul nurturing. All ingredients used are carefully selected and in South Africa we are fortunate that there is a lot of local produce which I choose above anything else.

The part of Kensington we live in is one of the most integrated areas in Johannesburg and is less than 2km from the internationally acclaimed Maboneng Precinct which has art galleries, restaurants, accommodation, tourist programmes, markets & shops and is the new heart and soul of Johannesburg’s cultural life at the moment. 

Come and get a firsthand culinary experience and more recommendations for travel and experiences all over South Africa’s main cities in a warm, secure and unpretentious environment with global citizens who know about Johannesburg and South Africa as a whole. Our family looks forward to hosting you!

Menu is extensive: we serve brunch & dinner (arrangements for breakfast and lunch can be made).

Price: ZAR 50-200/pp


Madrid (SPA001)

I live in Madrid and I love it. The city is so big and filled with great things to see and do - I’m always out somewhere taking advantage of living in one of the most wonderful cities in Europe. I have travelled a lot and lived in many different places around the world and love talking to people from other cultures who can challenge my perspective on things.

I like to prepare tapas for my guests at home and then maybe afterwards to take them to my favorite place in town.

Price: EUR 20/pp

Madrid (SPA002)

Spain receives many tourists each year but most don’t get a true insight to Spanish culture, which I think is a real shame because this is something that I treasure from my own trips abroad. This is why I like to invite visitors to my home and tell them a little about how it is to be Spanish and how it is to live in and be part of the Spanish society. In short, I like to see visitors who come to my country as guests and not just as ordinary tourists.

I will make traditional Spanish food for you. This may be tapas or paella or something that you have never heard of before.

Price: EUR 20/pp

Santander, Cantabria (SPA003)

I live with my girlfriend in Santander, the capital of the autonomous community of Cantabría. We don’t see as many tourists here as in other parts of Spain and those who come seem to be a little more interested in getting to know the real Spain. I like to add to this experience by inviting you into my home and sit down to eat and talk about Spain and Spanish culture and society. I’d also like to hear something about your background and the country which from you come.

I always prepare traditional Spanish dishes, which almost always include delicious sea food from the Spanish North Cost.

Price: EUR 22/pp (children half price)

Madrid (SPA004)

I am good at cooking chinese, japanese, thai food, also spanish tapas. I love cooking. We can go to buy ingredient together, take the dish to the park next to my flat.

I love exchange our culture, language, and so on. I speaks chinese, english, and spanish.

Price: EUR 15/pp

Moaña (SPA005)

I am from the United States but am currently living in Moaña, Spain. Moaña is a beautiful coastal town that is located in Galicia (northwestern Spain).  Some of my best memories come from times when I was welcomed into a household and had the opportunity to spend an evening with a family.  This is the reason that I am opening my arms to those traveling through the area.  I want you to feel like a guest instead of just another tourist!

We will go together to the local markets and pick out the food that we will cook together.  I am vegetarian/pescatarian so you can expect a lot of savory vegetable based dishes, local fruits, and of course a sampling of the local seafood.  If weather permits we can eat outside on the terrace overlooking the water.

15 Euros/pp (Children half price)

Inca, Island of Mallorca (SPA006)

Hola! I am Olivia and I love traveling. I have experienced amazing hospitality during my travels and I want to pay it forward. At the moment I live on the beautiful island Mallorca together with my boyfriend, who is, like me, Swiss. We’d be very happy to have you as a guest at our town house in Inca.

I’ve gathered recipies from all over the world during my travels and I use a big variety of spices and ingredients in my cooking. The meals I prepare can vary according to your preferences, season and availability. Personally, I like cooking (and eating) Indian, Lebanese and Italian food.

We will not only provide a nice meal with local wine, but also tell you about the loveliest spots on the island. People from all cultural backgrounds and nationalities are welcome and we’re looking forward to getting to know you and your story.

We speak English, German, Spanish and French.

Price: you pay what you want

ALMAYATE, Málaga (SPA007)

I am Faly 42 years old and a great food lover. I’m from ALMAYATE, Málaga, Spain - Costa del Sol. I love to meet new people, exchange the culture and learn something new from them. I am a good cook and i keep trying some different dishes. I am very friendly and partying guy. You will definately enjoy my company with my food.


When you guys will be here i will cook some great of cuisine Andalusian, Mediterranean and cuisine international.

I can host up to 4 people at a time and minimum two please.

Price: EUR 20/pp


Eskilstuna (SWE001)

Hi, I'm Hari. I’m Indian but I live in Eskilstuna, a small city located about 100 km west of the Swedish capital, Stockholm. I have been living here in Sweden only for the past 2 years & like it. I live in quite a big apartment that is sufficient enough to hold as much as 7 to 8 guests at a time. I'm an engineer, so pretty much occupied throughout the week but during the weekend it is always about spending time for other recreational activities. I'm fond of travelling and I find it really interesting to meet different people around the World and expect that food is a messenger that helps to develop good relationships besides sharing thoughts about others' lives and cultures.


I have been cooking for few years now and I could make very traditional dishes, typically South Indian, most of them still unavailable & unexposed to Western culture, yet very healthy with no artificial flavors and preservatives. The specialty is that I get the spices from India & most of them are hand-made, so you can expect the richness of color & taste that you wont get elsewhere except India. I cook mostly vegetarian foods & if needed, will make non-vegetarian foods as well. That of course, depends on your interest and request.

As darkness and winter will kick in during October, the ideal time to meet is during April-August, however you are most welcome to meet me during any time. Until there is Sun, we could dine behind my apartment where there is a garden.

A full meal includes a starter, main course, an Indian dessert, fresh juice/wine/beer.

It is free if the number of guests is not more than 2. It could cost around 50 Swedish kroner per meal per adults and it is free for children not exceeding the age of 10.

Price: SEK 50/pp (but free up until 2 people)


Kaohsiung City (TAI001)

Be my guests, you will definitely have a wonderful treat in my home. I will offer 2 different classic Taiwanese dishes for you. I suggest you make your 2 different homemade dishes in my kitchen. So we can together have at least 4 different dishes in a dinner party. We will start our cultural exchange from the meals. I live alone but host friends sometimes. I work as a real estate scrivener and a part-time tour guide part time for foreigners. I can show you some interesting spot around my home town.

I will offer 2 dishes for no charge. Guests are expected to pay for the ingredient for the dishes they are cooking and I will pay for mine. As to the free guided city tour I am able to offer to the guests, the guests need to pay for any transportation expense.

Price: TWD 200/pp (depending on type of meal)


Dar Es Salaam (TAZ001)

My name is Meshack Justin Ngowi, I am 19 years old. I am living with my parents, my father is an electrical and mechanical engineer at the University of Dar es salaam and my mother is a business woman. I am intending to start Heritage Management and Tour Guidance course at the University of Dar es Salaam and I like to host dinners for visitors who like to visit Tanzania and learn about traditional and cultural foods – maybe even see some traditional dances.

We can also visit market places, learn to purchase food commodities and learn how to cook traditional foods. We can prepare traditional food from two different tribes in Tanzania. We have 120 tribes in Tanzania and every tribe have their own different type of foods. We are going to have different foods from the two tribes, which includes, rice and beans, cooked bananas with meat or without, sweet potatoes and etc. Meals include different kind of vegetables and fruits.

Price: USD 35/pp

Marangu, near Arusha (TAZ002)

I’m Fredrick Wilbert Silayo I was born and raised on the southern slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro in the Valley of Karanga River. Karanga is a Swahili word which means groundnuts. I’m an exceptional  guide, I have a vast knowledge enabling me to take clients from hiking Mount Kilimanjaro to wildlife safaris in the many fantastic parks and reserves in Tanzania.. Have a cup of home-made coffee with me. Take a walk through Marangu coffee farms and visit a local home where you will learn the whole process of preparing coffee in traditional way from beans to cup and then you will enjoy a delicious cup of Kilimanjaro coffee. I would be happy to prepare lunch or dinner - vegetarian or non-vegetarian and maybe even do a day trip and visit to local market to purchase the vegetables and food.                                                              Basic Menu consists of vegetables, banana, sweet potatoes and meat or pilau or African traditional dish, or the plan can be modified as per your requirements.

Come and experience an exciting mix of cultures. Meet friendly people and discover beautiful scenarios which are not to be found anywhere around Africa. Visit the most excited areas for cultural and recreational walking as Marangu village.

A full day experience including lunch and a walk through the natural beauty of the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro as well as visits to Chagga Live Museum, Chagga Blacksmiths, Coffee and Banana Farms, and to the local market.

Price: USD 70/pp

Mwanza, Eastern Tanzania (TAZ003)

I am Mr David Kabambo, married , Founder and Managing Director of a destination. My  wife is an accountants  she  help me with my work also I love her she makes me feel  proud around my community. We are a small family of two People from Mwanza, Tanzania ( East Africa).

We like meeting with different people, speaking and chanting with them. Many people from around the world prefer our place. We offer a personal service to each guest to our best to satisfy your requirement. Our pride is in our service and we have a genuine certification to see our guest come back to us.

Kabambo family believes that Friendship between countries, cultures and individuals can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities and tourist. Every day, tourism brings people together through millions of interactions between host communities and visitors - fostering mutual respect, understanding and tolerance. We hope to see you in our family and be a part of our family


Price: USD 45/pp

Arusha (TAZ004)

Nyumba de amor means house of love. It is a combination of Kiswahili and Spanish. Nyumba means house and amor means love. This combination has a romantic story out of it. It will be great sharing with my visitors.

My name is Hawa, 27 years of age. I am a teacher by profession. I am very lucky because I got a reasonable experience living in Spain for a short while and I think it is wise to share this with people not only Tanzanians but also all nationalities. I am very pleased to become your host.


My house has got two bedrooms, two bathrooms, one kitchen, one living room and two small terraces. There is also a beautiful garden from outside and a wide parking place. It is also good for children to use it as a play ground.


Our motive is to let all foreigners gain as much local experience as they can. Alongside with that, we thought of giving a little help to our society in Arusha. Nyumba de amor would love to build playgrounds for the children. We will use your donation or some percentage of the amount you pay to contribute to our charity. This is to accomplish our target of making local children happy, safe and enjoy playing.


A lot can be provided in our house, but mostly our visitors won't ever miss 'love' and comfortability.

Price:  TZS 15000/pp (inc. soft drink, juice, coffee and tea)


Bangkok (THA001)

We are a Danish couple in our early 30s living in central Bangkok. We travel a lot in Thailand and in the region, so we have a lot of knowledge on what to see and do while visiting. We also have a good insight to the Thai lifestyle and society and we like discussions on subjects such as politics, culture and technology – and then we enjoy hearing what is going on in other countries as well. I am a journalist here, and my husband works in the shipping business. We sometimes take our guests out for a drink after dinner to show them our favorite places in the city – Bangkok is an amazing city, very international, which suits us well, because we love to talk to people coming from all over the world.

We’ll prepare either Thai or traditional Danish meals.

Price: THB 540/pp (Children under the age of 8 are half price)

Paisan Prakhonchai, Province of Buriram (THA002)

We are located in a small village in the middle of the ricefields. You can rent our motorbike or we can drive you around in our car (pick-up). I am from Belgium and live here already 11 years and we have a family friendly restaurant. I speak Dutch, French, English, German and Thai. I am 58 and my Thai wife is 48. My Thai wife does the cooking and is happy to let you help in the kitchen if you want to learn the Thai cuisine. For those who like to try to eat insects, can try our self bread crickets from our cricket-farm.

If you want you can also do some fishing in our fish-pond and accommodation is also available if you decide to stay the night – just let us know beforehand.

Price. THB 250/pp

Hin kong, Island of Kho Pangan (THA003)

Hi I'm Charmaine, I'm doing my tesol to become a teacher here in Thailand. I’m a Sydney girl from Bondi who loves the beach and loves cooking. I have a Hospitality background and Italian heritage, I like experimenting with all the amazing vegetables and seafood we have here. Think East meets West.

I live in Hin kong just outside Thong Sala on the beautiful island of Kho Pangan and I have a beautiful sea view from my balcony, my apartment is small though so 2 people at a time is maximum. I want you to enjoy the view whilst eating good food.

I'd like to create a truly unique experience by making my home made classics and some Thai favorites for my guests. From tuna moray with rice, pasta with whatever you fancy, Thai style chicken patties and salad, burgers and a beer, curries& rice, or my favourite , a dish that you get to do yourself - my Vietnamese roll ups are a mixture of vegetables , herbs or meats or both served on a platter with you creating the roll up, fun and yummy.

Great fun making this while watching the sunset and relaxing. Breakfast is also catered if you like to start here then go down to the beach. Fruits, yoghurt, scrambled cheese eggs, baked beans whatever you fancy can be made.

Price: THB 70-250 (just to cover costs)

Bangkok (THA004)

We're a young couple (Thai and Singaporean) living in Bangkok who have travelled widely before and would really like to share stories and experiences with similar travellers from around the world. One of the best things about Thailand is its food and cuisine and we certainly would like to share our love for these local dishes through a homely and cosy dinner at our lodgings in Bangkok.

To really bring across the taste of Thailand, we will cook local dishes (sometimes spicy) which would include various popular salads and appetizers, soups and/or stir fried dishes depending on the available ingredients for the week. Top off with a local dessert or fresh tropical fruits, we would also be happy to provide our guests with any neccessary tips and guides for their stay in Bangkok.


Price: THB 900/pp (minimum 2 persons)

Bangkok (THA005)

We are German + Thai couple living and working in Bangkok. We love to travel, music, meet new people and organizing dinner. Jekky is a local (Thai)chef and makes good and healthy food! We are and easy going and friendly person  :)

Thomas is an IT person and tries to start his own business in Thailand, while Jekky works in the office and try to build up a Travel Agency by take the tourist to visit the country side in Thailand and support the farmer and poor people there, such as teaching English or any language to the student, help the farmer to develop the organic farm, and other goodwill activities.

The dinner will organize at our private townhome at Ari-Pahonyothin Road Bangkok Area.

The house is in quiet and located at safe local area in the Northern Bangkok away from the touristic center, but very convenience to travel by the sky train.

Beside enjoy cooking and have dinner together, we offer goodwill, friendship, conversation, translation, language and culture exchange. And also we have the home stay service for the tourist who want to stay with the local people to know more about Thai real culture.

You are welcome to come and have fun while learning how to cook with the local chef. Enjoy good and healthy food for a dinner. We start by going to the local fresh market at Sapankwai together. We learn about the Thai Herbs, Vegetables and Cooking stuff at the local fresh market. Then we prepare the ingredient/ cooking stuff, cook it and then we’ll eat :)


Price: THB 300-700/pp (depending on the amount of people, children are THB 250)

Doi Saket, Chiang Mai (THA006)

Hello. Our home located at Doi Saket, Chiang Mai , Thailand among field and mountain view. We will prepare Thai food and Thai Northern food dinner for guests and guests can join with us for cooking. I can teach them for cook famous Thai food such as Tom Yam Kung or Tom Kha Kai. Guests can pick up organic vegetable from our garden and fish our pond or ride our bikes to shopping at local market near our home. Guests can stay at our homestay with good atmosphere.

Meals include pick up and drop guests at their hotel, but not include soft drink and beer.

The price THB 900/pp (children under 10 y.o. half price)


Lomé (TOG001)

Salut je suis un jeune togolais je vie au togo dans la capitale(Lomé). Je veux partager plus d'expérience avec tout le monde et connaitre aussi ce que l'autre est pour un monde uni et solidaire. Je peux recevoir des hôtes venant de partout dans le monde.

Ici chez-moi notre nourriture préféré est la pâte faite à base du maïs et de la sauce du gombo et de gboma. Nous irons ensemble au marché pour faire les achat payé les condiment et la cuisine ,on le fera tous ensemble.

Il y a aussi beaucoup de sites touristique que vous découvrirai.et avec plus de culture.je travail aussi avec un orphelinat que je vous ferai découvrir.

(Hi I am a young Togolese I live in Togo in the capital (Lome). I want to share more experience with everyone and also know what the other is for a united world and solidarity. I can receive guests from around the world.

Here at me our favorite food is the basic dough made of corn and okra sauce and gboma. We will go together to the market to purchase the paid condiment and cooking, we will all together.

There are also many tourist sites you découvrirai.et more culture.je also work with an orphanage that I will show you.)

Price: USD 5-10 (we share the expenses)


Ankara (TUR001)

I live in the heart of Ankara (capital city of Turkey); it is a very crowded area and very close to everywhere. Close to the hotels, shopping centers, restaurants. etc. I think it would be a great experience for me to be host but, in Turkey, traditionally we do not ask money from our guests - because this is against our culture. I have a very multinational family whose members are living in different countries.

If you are interested in I can also help you find very traditional places to eat, around. At the same time I would be very pleased to welcome you in my home, maybe not for meal but for coffee, it depends on my time. At home we prefer very healthy foods such as vegetable etc. We would be very pleased to share our table with you.

Thank you very much and hope to see you in my country.

Price: A voluntary donation LÖSEV (an organization that works for children with leukemia: www.losev.org.tr)

Antalya (TUR002)

Hello, I can show you around Antalya and take you to nice local restaurants where we can eat kebaps, lahmacun, döner etc.. if any of my friends kitchen is available we can also cook together.  eating in a local restaurant with drinks and desert.

Price: USD 10/pp

Istanbul (TUR003)

Hello, I’m a male living in Istanbul with my family. I can offer some Syrian and Turkish food for some who want to have dinner with me in my home I will make some good meals for everybody, but alcohol I not allow in my home we can drink out because my family don't like to drink inside home.

Everybody is welcome in my home. I can speak Arabic, English and Turkish

It's very nice to have a good friend from all around the world   

Price: Free

Istanbul (TUR004)

Hello from Istanbul, I am a retired woman at the end of 40s. I live in a nice & safe place of Istanbul close to Taksim square. You can reach my home by subway easily. I have a typical Turkish flat and I am living with my 2 adult kids. I've been more than 20 countries and like travelling a lot. It gives me a very good motivation

I do like cooking and preparing foods for my quests and I am very good at Turkish cousine. We have an amazing cousine with their tastes and looks. Our mezes are very famous and I cook almost all of them. Dinner is not only dinner for my family. It is for being together whole family, talk & chat, laugh and feeling good yourself. Take your chair and join us :) We will be very happy to share our foods and stories with you.

A dinner will have mezes, chicken with soya sauge, desert or fruits with 2 glasses/pp of Turkish wine. Be sure that all of them will be home made except fruits and wine :)

Price: EUR 25/pp (Half price for kids)

Trabzon (TUR005)

I have a house in Istanbul but I’m working in Trabzon (North Eastern Turkey) as a translator for an Argentinian family, so I speak Spanish. I’m an active member of Servas, EIL International and Hospitality Club, so I really like meeting people from all over the world.

The food that I prepare will depend on the season, so if it’s time to catch fish sure fish will be served :-) and  saladin traditional way with a drink, dessert (laz böreği and baklava  mixed). If not I will serve soup (one of them chicken soup, tarhana soup or lentil soup), salad, traditional rice, drinks and dessert (laz böreği and baklava mixed).

Price: TRY 10/pp


Entebbe (UGA001)

You will receive a warm welcome and hot hospitality the fact being that I was raised in a Christian family where every Sunday, we would receive and prepare breakfast or lunch for these Christians for my dad was a Reverand of Anglican Church and it’s a custom.

I have a feeling in me that you would love to see and experience how God gifted his people in terms of caring and am proud of myself that my mother impacted in me such a thing and it has seen me acheive what I am now.

You will enjoy fresh food, traditionally cooked food and fresh fruits from the garden and indeed with fruits you will go in the garden and eat what you want ranging from mangoes, guavors, small black bellies, jackfruit,pawpaws, oranges and so on.

If you are interested I can take you to experience street food were most people in slums feed on.

Price: USD 25/pp

Kampala UGA002

Welcome to Uganda the pearl of Africa you will experience a memorable family visit of your life time. Robert is my name, I live in Kampala Uganda, I love coordinating with people all over the world. Welcome to my personal home well enclosed in a fence. I live here myself, my house helper, my relatives and also my mother stays around.. and a pretty dog.

I like to talk about my culture and how we prepare our local food and also teach my guests how we prepare it. We can also talk about the history of my country because I find it so interesting. If you like I can also tell you about Ugandas tourist attractions as I am a trained tour guide. I will also request my guests to learn much more from them.

I like to cook banana, casava, potatoes, posho, ground nuts, beef, chicken meat fish, beans and vegetables.

Price: USD 10-15/pp (lunch or supper)

Kampala (UGA003)

I and my wife Helen we live in Kampala  with our son Mozejnr  who is three years old.we have a three bed roomed house which is 6miles from the city center Kampala on hoima road and we also have 10 acres of land in Namayumba wakiso  district which is 33miles from Kampala where we do farming.

The feeding program is we prepare meals with our guest we do shopping with them in the city market sometimes we can organize to prepare lunch at the school where I'm a member on the board of directors.


Price: USD 7/pp (include soda or juice)

Entebbe (UGA004)

Hi Everyone, my name is James. My family and I were born and raised in Uganda so can offer a humorous insight into life here. We have also had the opportunity to travel internationally where we have had a chance to learn and immerse ourselves in diversified cultures.

Through our deep passion for eco-tourism, we established an eco-social tour enterprise where we host tourist and international volunteer’s guests in an eco-friendly environment, who not only enjoy the Ugandan friendly hospitality, but also live and work alongside with local people on sustainable humanitarian projects with the goal to help the local communities improve their standard of living.

If visitors wish we can take them for community based tourism  experience where they can buy local wine, African crafts, souvenirs and other products from local producers or from the local market and it’s possibly to spend the night in our house.

Our food is a combination of Uganda staples and delectables, seasonal veggies, salad leaves, fruits, home baked breads, cakes and international food  Cuisines (favorites) and flavours. We have a herb garden and the food is fresh, clean, delicious & soul nurturing. All ingredients used are carefully selected and in Uganda we are fortunate that there is a lot of local organic produce which we choose above anything else. It would include three courses with some choice of food for dessert etc.

If you are looking for an authentic Ugandan cultural experience, then we are here to share this experience with you. Our family looks forward to hosting you!


Price: USD 3-5/pp

United Arab Emirates

Dubai (UAE001)

I am a Welshman living and working in Dubai.  As cooking is my passion, I cook a wide variety of both authentic and fusion dishes and will always try to cook whatever my guests prefer.  Thai is probably my signature cuisine but cook most others too. The area I live in is slightly more rural yet have a great view of the Burj Khalifa from my rooftop.

Price: AED 100/pp (dhs 50 per person under 12)

Dubai (UAE002)

I'm an Indian, living and working in Dubai. I live in the center of the City, close to a lot of wonderful eating joints and the heritage area in Dubai. I stay alone, and have an informally furnished apartment.

I have taken up cooking over a year ago, and according to my friends and guests, I seem to have a natural flair for it. I usually cook Indian food, but occasionally dabble in international cuisine, while giving it a dash of Indian spices. Since I come from North India, the food I cook tends to be medium spicy. Since I'm currently vegetarian (since January 2014), the food will be vegetarian as well.

I love to meet new people, learn about their lives, and make friends. I like discussions about culture, religion, politics, philosophy, current affairs ... anything that holds an engaging conversation. I would love to have guests who want to cook along, or do a pot-luck, or just help out in the cooking.

Price: AED 20/pp


Athens, Ohio (USA001) 

We have travelled all over the world and lived in many countries. We are very interested in international affairs and love our encounters with foreign cultures. We believe that the people of the world we can learn a lot from each other’s cultures and a deeper insight into each other’s lives we believe may lead to a more peaceful world for our children. We like to discuss everything from modern societal trends to sports and media with our guests to us the most important is the new insights and different opinions.

We will prepare all the best from the American Kitchen.

Price: USD 30/pp (children half price) 

Hamilton, New York (USA002)

we are a couple in our thirties who have been interested in getting to know the world our whole lives. We like to travel and we like to meet tourists and visitors in our own country. We like discussing life’s big and small dilemmas with people from other cultures because we find that the people’s perspectives on life are always to some degree connected to their cultural background and new and sometimes surprising opinions occur in these discussions.

We like to prepare something traditional American.

Price: USD 30/pp (children USD 10)

Washington, DC (USA003)

I’m a man in my late twenties who like to travel and see the world. On my trips I like to visit natural treasures such as national parks but also to interact with the locals.  I think we can learn a lot from each other – people from different cultures I mean. This is why I enjoy inviting people into my home for a meal and a talk about our common world and how we see it differently.

I usually prepare traditional American food, because this is what most expects but I’m actually pretty good at preparing Central American dishes as well.

Price: USD 25/pp

Fargo, North Dakota (USA004)

If you are coming to Fargo, North Dakota and you want to experience real American hospitality and to see how we Americans live, then write me. I’ show you how I live and give you an insight to American life in general. I used to live and work in Central America and like I found it immensely interesting to experience Central American lifestyles I understand that it would be interesting to a visitor to the US to see how we Americans live and learn about our society.

I’ll prepare lunch or dinner like we Americans like it.

Price: USD 25/pp (children half price)   

Miami, Florida (USA005)

I live with my family in Miami, the calypso capital of the tropical Southern US. I’m originally from Chile but I have lived in the US for many years. A visit with me and my family will give the guests a unique insight into an American family life as well as into the Latino Community in the southern US. I run a tour operator and I’m used to taking good care of visitors to Miami, so if our guests are interested I’ll be happy to take them on a city tour to some of my favorite places.

We’ll serve traditional America food but we also like to prepare a picnic for our guests.

Price: USD 30/pp (children half price)

Mt. View, Big Island, Hawaii (USA006)

The meals would be gathered around our entire family/friends/children (20+ more) where we have our mini luau.  We eat traditional Hawaiian food here where the visitors can expect the menu to be: Kalua Pig (Smoked Pork) with Cabbage, Poi (taro), Rice, Sweet Potato (steamed), Fish (fried and raw ahi/poke), Lomi Salmon (salted salmon with onions/tomatoes), Chicken Long Rice (with noodles and shitake mushrooms), Lau Lau - pork or chicken steamed in taro leaves.

This is the authentic Hawaiian-style dinner with family and friends.  Nothing generic or mainland version.  We sing and dance the hula amongst ourselves.

We are open for requests and can do several options for our guests where they participate in going into the garden and selecting our meals (sweet potato for example) and preparing the meals.  Or we can just have the meals ready.  It is more interesting for our guests to see how the meals are prepared.


On occasions depending on the schedule we would participate in LARGER SCALE LUAUS where it's a Graduation Party/Baby 1st BIRTHDAY.  People to attend would be 200+.

Price: USD 40/pp (adults), USD32 (children)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA007)

I would make vegetarian/vegan fare and it would not be very expensive. I'm in my mid-twenties and I thoroughly enjoy cooking global cuisines, and although I haven't traveled as widely as I would like, I enjoy building bridges to other cultures while sharing about a city I love.

Price: USD10-15/pp

Redwood City (near San Francisco), California (USA008)

We are a "middle aged" couple, our 3 daughters are grown and have moved out. My daughters and I are avid travelers and interested in global affairs. Also, I am a quilter and my husband is a swim coach. We are in Redwood City, 25 miles south of San Francisco. If you like we can arrange a tour of San Francisco - we are both Natives of the area (3 people maximum). Other options are pool/tennis/fitness, bike Riding/hiking, Giants Baseball game, San Francisco Theater, Yosemite National Park, Day of quilting (make a T-shirt quilt commemorating our meeting).

We'd love to barbecue salmon, steak or veggies for you. Warm comfy home, dinner on our deck or in our dining room. Children are welcome.

Price: USD 25/pp (USD 50 for a family)

Phoenix, Arizona (USA009)

We live in Phoenix, Arizona USA.  All of our meals are prepared with only the best and freshest ingredients, some organic or farm to table.  We love great food and great company.


Our meals vary from American, Southwestern, Mexican to whatever I may decide to cook on that day.  We can eat inside or weather permitting, outside on our back patio under a canopy of trees. Our meals include appetizers, soup, salad, main dish, dessert, coffee/tea or non-alcoholic drink. Please bring your own alcoholic beverage (we will provide the glasses).

We promise… you will not be disappointed in the meal or the company.  Please specify allergies or dislikes in food.  We welcome you weary travelers into our home.

Price: USD 40-45/pp


Ishtixon, near Samarkand (UZB001)

Hi, every guests, I would like to invite you to Central Asia. I want to show to the travelers the rural life and real Uzbeks home. Do you know about the Great Silk Road? How about to travel to Uzbekistan? Uzbek hospitality is legendary. "Our home is your Home" the mistress of the house says time and again, her hand on her heart as a sign of respect. Uzbeks are very nice, very friendly and smiling. They do their best for the welfare of their guests.

In Uzbek home you can eat the traditional meals: Palov or Osh is the flagship of Uzbek cookery. Non (round bread) is a symbol of family Uzbek happiness and expressing great respect for bread.  Bread is baked in specially clay oven called tandir. Shashlyk - known also as kebabs.  Samsa (meat pies) is a pastry pie stuffed with meat and onion or pumpkin, potato, cabbage backed in tandyr. Tea – Uzbek drink a lot of tea each time.

Price: USD 50/pp (children free, including 1night stay if you like)

Tashkent (UZB002)

Dilnoza works as a doctor and loves to cook delicious food and desserts for her husband and three children. Two eldest sons are students - one at Westminster University, and the second at the Singapore Institute of Management in Tashkent. The youngest daughter is an excellent pupil in high school and in many ways already helps her mother in culinary endeavors. Dilnoza cooked well in her youth, but after marriage she learned this skill from her mother-in-law, who loved the guests very much, and now she professionally cooks almost all dishes of national cuisine, from first courses to desserts.

She reads a lot - fiction and cognitive literature, being a doctor, is interested in preparing healthy, wholesome food, loves to study the psychology of people, because of this she is fond of world culinary, and prepares dishes from different countries. During trips abroad, she tries to master the national cuisine of the host country. Since her husband works in the scientific field, has a Ph.D. in economics and tries to take her with him during a business trip abroad. In particular, during a visit to the United States, Korea, Malaysia and the Bali Island, they together participated in the experience of preparing local homemade food.

She is incredibly proud of the Uzbek cuisine, wants to share and preserve her traditions through her cooking. 

What to expect: Cooking experience course: (2-10 guests). The experience will be held in the beautiful family house of Dilnoza in the prestigious center district of Tashkent near Uzexpocentre, the White Mosque "Minor", and also there is the "Japanese Garden". Cooking will take place in the garden of courtyard (inside the house in winter) with a wonderful green landscape and a dining table.

Join Dilnoza to take a practical cooking lesson in Uzbekistan in the city of Tashkent, where you will learn how to cook palov, which you will try right there. She will make cooking easy, fun and interesting, tells you about the traditions associated with the dish and the types of palov. You will cook food for 1-2 hours with your host, during a conversation she will tell you the nuances and features of cooking  palov and the history of Uzbek cuisine and the importance of healthy and good food for a person. The national food of the palov consists of lamb, rice, onions and carrots and seasonings (caraway, ginger, raisin).

Together with her, you can also cook one of the types of national salads for palov. You may test the national meat snacks and the fermented milk product Uzbek kurut and suzma. Also stewed You may test stewed fruit from sunny fruits of Uzbekistan, which is rich in vitamins.

Your meal will end with delicious desserts, such as halva, kazinaki or pashmak, and your expectation is a pleasant surprise - sweetness in the form of a bonus from the hostess. Tea is an indispensable component of Uzbek hospitality. A coffee is available upon request.

Communication language: English and Russian.

Notes: No alcohol drinks.

Price: USD 25-30/pp (children under 12 years old - Free)


Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) (VIE001)

Hello, my name’s Nhung Ho. I am from the beautiful beach province Binh Thuan, near Saigon. However, I have lived and worked in Saigon since 2007. Presently, I am an English tourguide in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) and other places of Vietnam. With the aim of introducing my lovely country - Vietnam to all people and making friends with people all over the world. I hope all my knowledge and Vietnamese hospitality will give you a great experience.

The people of Vietnam are friendly and my country is very beautiful and I hope that you’ll like our hospitality and the diverse cultures. My home, Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), is the biggest city in Vietnam -the pace of life is frenetic, but the wide boulevards and parks help the city retain an air of calm. We have both Classic French architecture and new high-rise buildings.

I will cook the traditional Vietnamese foods such as: Vietnam Noodle soups, sping rolls, pan cake,etc..

I am looking forward to seeing you.

Price: USD 9/pp (children a half)

Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) (VIE002)

My name is Phuong, female, from Ho Chi Minh city.

I'd like to host a meal at the countryside (is a 15 km away from downtown). This is the home of my uncle, a rural district in HCMC. So with this, you could experience sitting behind a scooter, shopping food in a local market, and a meal in the countryside with locals.

This is how it will go if you pick me:

Go to a traditional market to buy fresh raw food and fruit, then sit down to enjoy some snacks

Mount a scooter heading towards to a local house in the countryside.

The family has 4 members. You will feel their hospitality and spend a memorable day in a true family atmosphere. The place itself is nice, relaxed, quiet with fresh air, surrounded by vegetables, trees, ponds (in which they breed fish). They also have dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, cats, pigs (in cages further away). Yes, you say they are farmers.

While the cooking is on progress, you can make yourself relaxed with drinking cold coconut, joining the cooking, hanging around the place, chatting with people there. Besides, they make rice-wine.

Maximum is 2 guets, but more than 2 people can be arranged if you have a scooter.

You could choose either lunch or dinner. Timing is 8AM or 2PM

Price: USD 35 – 45/pp


How does it work

When you have read through the list of hosts and found a host you would like to visit, you may request a visit by sending an email to info@homehostedmeals.com stating the following:

  1. Reference number of the host
  2. Date and time of visit
  3. Number of adults and children
  4. Additionally you may want to   include a short description of yourself.*

Your request will be forwarded directly to the host who will in turn get back to you.

*Remember it’s up to the host to accept your request to visit. For many hosts the visit is much more about the inter-personal/inter-cultural meeting than the money, so you might want to put a little effort into the description.

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