It’s easy and it's free!

Follow these few easy steps to complete your host profile:

  1. Make a short description of what your guests can expect from a visit to your home* 
  2. Name your price - both high end meals and cheap eats are welcome
  3. Send it to info@homehostedmeals.com

Your contact details will not be published on the HomeHostedMeals.com web page.

Guests request a host by contacting homehostedmeals.com and the host will then be notified by HomeHostedMeals.com. It is always up to the hosts to decide whether they want to accept a request.

*Don’t forget to include in your description both the food and the company; the primary focus of your guests is to meet you! You might want to suggest that you and your guests could make the meal together, make it as a picnic or maybe even do the grocery shopping together – anything goes.

Here are some hints as to how to make your  add effective in attracting attention of potential guests:

  • Let people know who they'll be sharing a meal with e.g. household members, thier interests, ages, professions, etc.
  • Let people know what kind of food you like to prepare e.g. organic or conventional food, traditional or international/fusion, are you serving the meal at home or as a picnic in a park, etc.

Disclaimer: Neither guests nor hosts are background checked and all usage of the homehostedmeals.com network name or home page is at the users own responsibility.

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